Is an Electro-Mesotherapy facial right for you?

When it comes to facial treatments, at endota our aim is to always pair self-care and blissful relaxation with the very best in aesthetic technology.

Electro-Mesotherapy is one of our favourites because it promises glowing results while being non-invasive. Resulting in firmer skin, improved hyperpigmentation and a beautiful glow, it’s a fantastic all rounder that benefits most complexions.

But we get that the word ‘electro’ might sound a bit intimidating, so we’ve broken down exactly what’s involved, how the technology works, and the glowing results you can expect.

What is Electro-Mesotherapy?

Electro-Mesotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that uses ionwave™ technology (which encourages maximum cellular penetration) to increase the absorption of nutrients into the skin.

The technology is based on the Nobel-prize-winning theory of electroporation. Essentially, our skin’s purpose is to keep pathogens out, so it can be tricky to ensure that topical skincare ingredients we apply are actually getting in to do their job. However, when the skin is exposed to certain electronic waves – the theory of electroporation – protein pathways are forced open and there becomes a clear route for product absorption.

Electro-Mesotherapy uses this technology while offering an alternative to traditional needle mesotherapy (where needles are used to create the aforementioned pathways). The ionwave™ tech works to bypass the skin barrier, ensuring cell permeability and increased absorption, resulting in healthy, plump skin.

Discover Electro-Mesotherapy facial treatment

What are the benefits of an Electro-Mesotherapy facial?

Because Electro-Mesotherapy improves product absorption it can be paired with a variety of endota formulas to target specific skin concerns. From acne and oiliness to fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin laxity, your therapist can tailor the experience to align with your complexion goals.

As it is non-invasive, the therapy is completely painless, too. You might feel a slight buzz, warmth or a tingle on your skin, but if anything, it will just add to your state of relaxation.

Is an Electro-Mesotherapy facial right for me?

Electric-Mesotherapy can be added on to other endota facials, or simply performed on its own. It’s quick, painless and the results are immediate, as well as cumulative, so it’s great as an instant boost or part of your long-term skin health plan.

Results include improved skin clarity, hydration, increased firmness, and luminosity, making this treatment the ultimate option for all skin types and complexion concerns.

What to expect from an Electro-Mesotherapy facial

While we are advocates for Electro-Mesotherapy and its benefits, we can only speak for ourselves, so we invited Naomi Holt, provisional psychologist, entrepreneur and model, to experience the treatment and tell you what she thought.

“From the moment I walked in spa I could feel myself start to relax and unwind. This continued as I was welcomed with a warm cup of lemongrass tea, which I sipped while chatting with the therapist about my skin concerns and treatment desires. For me, this included dull and tired-looking skin. From here, my therapist cleansed my skin, which felt divine, and assessed that the Super C Firming Serum would be best for me. The non-invasive Ionwave™ technology felt like a light zinging sensation, which I found pleasant, and I could feel my skin deeply absorbing the serum. When the facial was over, I honestly didn’t want to leave, and I couldn’t believe how relaxed and rejuvenated I felt after only 30 minutes. I also couldn’t believe how luminous my skin was, and even now, at the time of writing this five days after my treatment, my skin is still glowing. This is one treatment that I believe will now be incorporated into my self-care routine.”

Naomi Holt's glowing skin after her EMT Facial at endota

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