astrology for gemini season: what's in store for you  

What can you expect for your life during Gemini season? We spoke to Melbourne-based astrology expert, Brylie Gorman, to get her take on what's in store for you during this season of increased energy and rapid evolution.  
(Please note these horoscope predictions are not to be taken as medical advice.)  

gemini horoscope highlights 

  • This is a fortunate time for you. Embrace the expansive energy brought in by Jupiter and the love and pleasure of Venus.
  • Giving yourself downtime and partaking in relaxing activities through this energetic time will greatly support your nervous system.
  • Share your thoughts with confidence but also pause to listen and connect into your intuition. With Mercury in Gemini, your communication flows effortlessly. 

all horoscopes overview for gemini season: 21 may – 20 june 

Gemini season, in all its vibrant energy, where the air is electric with increased activity and social engagement is here! As Gemini takes the stage communication becomes your superpower, so get ready to express yourself.  

This energy is high, and this month will feel more optimistic and forward moving. Amidst the buzz however it is crucial to avoid getting caught in cycles of overthinking and excess. There is a big opportunity for you to embrace the forward momentum and increased energy coming in, just be cautious to not get lost in the bigness of it all.  

The Sagittarius Full Moon on 23 May marks a significant moment for closure and healing. It is allowing you to release any unhelpful stories you have about yourself, which encourages you to shed limiting beliefs and embrace your true worth.  

There is an opportunity for grander manifestations now, but first you need to focus on releasing and rewriting the old stories that no longer belong with the new, evolved version of you.  

Although this month is mostly about moving forward, the New Moon on 6 June has us reflecting on the massive eclipses and Mercury Retrograde we had during Aries season. We can see all we went through with more clarity now that the fog has cleared.  

Relationships on all levels have had a shake-up and it’s time to take note of where things have landed. We are being asked to trust and have faith with where we find ourselves now.  

If something still feels off centre, you are being asked to reflect on this and consult your intuition. It is important in this time to remain flexible and keep your heart open. This New Moon suggests that we are all being asked now to set our sights higher than ever before with an expanded sense of self-worth.

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gemini horoscope insights 

Hey Gemini, with Jupiter igniting your sign get ready for a whirlwind of excitement and expansion. You love excitement and with such an optimistic, big energy planet moving into your sign, you will know how to make this time as fun and adventurous as possible.  

With Mars being in Aries and a lot of planetary activity happening in your energetic sign, you will need to remind yourself to manage the heightened energy levels. Gemini is all about the nervous system, so it is important to give yourself downtime and partake in relaxing activities, such as a spa treatment, meditation or reading a book, to ensure you are getting enough of the rest phase for your nervous system to thrive.  

Venus, the planet of love, self-worth, value and indulgence, is making itself very prominent in your season. Suggesting that your birthday month should be full of pleasure and loving vibes, you may find yourself over-indulging a little this month.  


“Relationships on all levels have had a shake-up and it’s time to take note of where things have landed. We are being asked to trust and have faith with where we find ourselves now.  ”

As Mercury, your ruling planet enters Gemini, you’ll feel comfort and as if all of you is home. Your communication skills will be on point throughout this season, so take the opportunity to share your expanding thoughts and ideas with the world.  

Just remember that there is also a lot of power in listening and tuning into your inner voice. Although you generally prefer to approach things in a logical way, you can trust your intuition at this time.  

Allow your mind to get a little quieter during the New Moon on 6 June to hear what your heart has to say. It might just surprise you.  

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