The many healing benefits of massage

Perhaps one of the most ancient healing traditions, physical touch in the form of massage brings multi-dimensional benefits to our body, mind and spirit. If you are feeling stressed, stiff or have chronic pain, massage can help you relax and release tension, while promoting the flow of positive energy throughout your body.

“Some of the top benefits of massage include reducing stress and connecting with yourself, as well as with someone else. This is something that people have been lacking recently and there are increased levels of anxiety or stress right now,”

Tamara Noske, endota educator for SA & WA.

Massage is not one size fits all, so it’s important you choose the right type for what you need. All endota massages come complete with the relaxing spa experience you’d expect, but by focusing attention on your specific needs, you’ll really feel the benefits.


Rest and recover

A relaxing massage with a difference. The Deep Recovery treatment is a one-hour full body relaxation massage that uses different products from our recovery range to go deep into the muscles, with additional focus on the neck and shoulders.

We use our Arnica & Menthol Recovery Scrub whilst massaging, to really stimulate and get warmth into the muscles. Massage may help improve circulation and ease muscular tension” Tamara said.

This is followed by the Clove & Mint Recovery Balm to reduce inflammation, giving an invigorating warming and slightly numbing cooling effect.

Deep and meaningful

Remedial massage is a very focussed 50-minute treatment for people with localised pain that could be related to a past injury, surgery or some other muscular issue that has developed over time.

Some people think that remedial has really hard pressure or is excruciating. It doesn't actually have to be like that at all,” said Tamara. “Pressure could be anywhere from light through to that deep tissue-reaching firm pressure, and generally a combination is used throughout the treatment.

You’ll be treated by a qualified remedial therapist, to help you bring balance back between the muscles and the skeletal system to allow your body to function at its optimal level, with less pain. You may also be able to claim a rebate on your private health fund.

Simple state of bliss

endota’s Organic Relax massage is a one-hour full body massage that is designed purely for destressing and relaxation. A more traditional type of massage, there’s also the addition of warm jade healing stones used on the back and body, to help melt away tension and send you into a deeper zen-like state.

It’s really good for those that are experiencing a bit of anxiety, and just need to zone out and relax. We want to help you drift away,” Tamara said.


Bring on the benefits

One of the immediate and most common benefits of massage is that deep feeling of relaxation and calm, as it prompts the release of feel-good endorphins throughout the body. But the benefits don’t stop there. Massage is also attributed to a healthier immune system, through the reduction of stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. Stimulation of the lymphatic system helps to remove waste and toxins from the body and muscles, while massage can also improve circulation, increase joint mobility and reduce anxiety and depression.

So whether it’s for relaxation or targeted muscle relief, massage is the perfect way to revitalise the body and mind.

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