From source to skin: The healing power of Davidson Plum

March edition

From source to skin: The healing power of Davidson Plum

We explore how to replenish skin from the outside in with a powerful, feature ingredient from the endota spa Organics™ range. This month we look at the intense healing power of Davidson Plum, a bush food delicacy from the tropical Australian rainforest.

What is Davidson Plum?

The Davidson Plum is a tree fruit found in the lush tropical rainforests of northern New South Wales. The dark purple fruit is native to Australia and is one a select group of native ingredients renowned for their skin healing powers. So potent are its healing properties, Davidson Plum can be found in multiple products across our endota spa Organics™ range.

How does Davidson Plum improve your skin?

Rich in vitamins, fruit acids and antioxidants, Davidson Plum is one of the ingredients in our endota Bio-Active plant complex. As an incredibly effective anti-ageing and healing solution, Davidson Plum can reduce the appearance of acne scarring and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains phenolic acids – these have an antioxidant effect on skin that's even stronger than vitamin E to heal UV damage and support collagen production for a noticeably brighter, firmer complexion.
Davidson Plum also contains a compound found in purple or dark red coloured super fruits which have been proven to promote skin elasticity through enhanced collagen and elastin production. As opposed to synthetically developed compounds, Davidson Plum is derived as a phyto-active compound suspended in its environmental form. While this sounds quite complicated, it simply means it is closer to your skin’s natural make up than any lab-developed product. That’s why your skin will welcome its presence and fully absorb the benefits. As always, endota spa believes in working with nature - not against it, for the heathiest and most harmonious possible complexion.

February Edition

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

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Peace of mind

Stress damages your skin and ages you internally. While new treatments are doing their best to reverse that, emerging research suggests your most powerful beauty booster could be your brain.

Peace of mind
Nature vs nurture

Nature vs nurture

Women are often natural-born nurturers, expect when it comes to looking after themselves but a little self-love goes a long way. Self-care may be the latest buzzword in the wellness world, but the reality is that many women’s needs don’t make it on to their own to-do lists.


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Behind the scenes

January edition

How to keep summer skin cool & calm

Living in a country of extremes has its wonders, but with sweltering, melting days and long hot nights, there is no greater skin challenge than the Australian summer. We’ve put together some simple summer skincare ideas to keep your skin as naturally cool and calm as possible.

Take Cover

Take Cover

The Australian sun’s rays are the strongest in the world, so adequate skin protection is non-negotiable. While we can see and feel the sun’s power on hot and cloudless days, the sun can still do damage in overcast weather. That’s why it is vital to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ several times throughout the day, especially in the morning. Some people forget that even the tops of their scalps can get sunburnt, so invest in a breathable straw or cotton hat and make it your new summer companion. Another way to ensure complete cover is to always carry a pocket umbrella. It is just as invaluable against the sun as it is against rain. As an ocean-loving nation, we need also need to be mindful that our skin can burn in water, so pack a waterproof sunscreen for those long days at the beach.

Keeping your Balance

Oil production is a natural part of the skin’s regeneration process, but the summer heat can lead to sweating, excess oil production and a shiny complexion. Because our skin is producing more oil, our pores are more prone to clogging and dare we say it, breakouts. The first step in keeping your complexion balanced in summer is to introduce a pore-purifying cleanser to remove any sweat and grime that has accumulated over the course of the day. Once you’re left fresh-faced, apply a lighter, oil-controlling moisturiser. If you’re still finding skin out of balance, introduce a weekly charcoal mask to help to draw out impurities from deep below the surface. Try endota spa Organics™ Pore-Purifying Cleansing Gel, Balancing Facial Moisturiser and Charcoal Detox Mask.

Banishing the Breakouts

No matter how regularly we cleanse and treat our skin, some of us are unlucky to get the odd blemish or breakout during and after unavoidable heatwaves. Washing skin night and day in summer is a must, but be careful not to over wash or you could dry out the skin and further irritate your blemishes. Try not to cleanse the breakout area with your hands, as transferred oil and bacteria may exacerbate the problem. Instead, use a micellar water cleanser on a cotton pad to draw out impurities without the need to rinse. Remember, blemishes and breakouts are a form of infection. To treat and stop an infection, you need an antiseptic. Tea-tree oil is one of nature’s most powerful antiseptics. It is so strong in fact that we don’t advise applying it directly to the skin. Instead, add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and allow your skin to be infused by the medicinal steam. Try endota spa Organics™ The Easy Cleanse with micellar water and rose extract.

Keep It Cool

On those sweltering days, many of us head to the beach for relief and a dip in the ocean. While the ocean is good for the soul, swimming uses energy and causes perspiration. This heightens your body temperature so you only cool yourself down on the surface. If you really want to soothe and calm hot, reddened skin, run yourself a cool bath. Lying still in the cool, refreshing water will cause your core temperature to drop, relieving your skin from the summer heat. Adding a bath soak can also assist in the infusion of overall skin moisture. Cold water immersion can also stimulate blood flow and improve your circulation. Try endota spa Organics™ Mint and Macadamia Recovery Bath.

Mist Opportunities

Summer is the season for fun, festivities, beach-going and outdoor living. It is also air conditioner season. Many of us who work in offices, especially in the city, are subject to artificially-cooled environments. This can have a drying effect on the skin and body. Drinking plenty of water at your desk is essential to combat dehydration. Reapplying moisturiser over make-up and your existing moisturiser can cause pores to clog and overload skin with product. Instead, keep a facial mist on hand to spritz throughout the day. This can help balance the complexion and invigorate the senses. Try endota spa™ Balance Me Mist

December Edition

Super woman – Lou Kenny

Lou is one of the intrepid women who got close up and personal with nature in our new brand video.

live confidently age consciously

The foundation of my adult life is family, modelling and yoga….

The foundation of my adult life is family, modelling and yoga….

But my early life centred around my mother and her passion for the sea. She and I would spend long hot days together down the coast at Easter before hitching up the van and heading back to the leafy north eastern suburbs of Melbourne where we lived. It always puzzled me that we lived so far from the coast, so when the opportunity came along to purchase my first property, (following a major international tvc) I knew exactly where I wanted to be. This was back in the 80’s when house prices were under $50,000!

I was luck that modelling allowed me the freedom to juggle the other priorities in my life, which were; gaining a sociology degree, becoming a mother to two beautiful children and after that opening my own modelling agency.

Along the way I began to dabble in theatre and yoga which lured me to teacher training in my 40's. So when my 20 year marriage ended, I was well prepared for the next phase of my life. My children and I relocated to the Victorian felt like a homecoming.

In my 50's my modelling career has reignited and I am now working at a level I could have only have dreamed of when I was younger, with agents in London, Germany, Paris and Zurich.....I must confess I plot my schedule as often as I can, around King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard gigs when they are touring in Europe. (ha - yes - my son Ambrose, is a member of this band).

So now this empty nester (who has had a song written with that title) is making the most of each and everyday......with turning 60 on the horizon for me, I am now planting seeds for my future, aiming to inspire not retire!

Working with endota..

After returning from a 6 month stint in London, the endota job was perfectly timed. But more than that, it restored my faith in the industry at large.

From the day of the first fitting, the communication was easy and the scene was set for an adventure in some of Victoria’s most scenic wilderness.

Over 2 days we filmed in locations many people never get to see, let alone experience: Stevenson's falls, Lake Elizabeth, Halladale Point and beyond.....I was so intrigued and excited to be part of this mini film, which was demanding but alive with sensory highlights.

To prepare for the shoot, I taught yoga at the beach in early light, had a swim, coffee and visited the farmers market before heading down the coast to meet the crew at the Forrest pub for dinner.

Next morning, we were up at 4.30am for hair and makeup, to begin filming at first light at Stevenson's Falls. Our two days involved hiking, swimming, playing and falling into bed early only to be woken by the sound of birds and ocean tunes.

I became firm friends with Anna (the younger girl in the shoot) and at every spot we jumped around, did handstands, cartwheels and yoga. Quite simply feeling alive and reconnecting with nature.

I believe being an empty nester is a time to truly find yourself. Following being a single mother, daughter (both parents deceased) and wife (now separated) I am now experiencing a freedom so vast, that to not embrace it would not be an option.

Meet the Artist: June Smith

Meet the Artist: June Smith

My name is June Smith and I live in Bayulu community near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. My language group is Gooniyandi. A long time ago I worked at Go Go Station School (now Bayulu School) as a Teacher's Aid, teaching sewing to grade one students with some old people. This was my first job. I've worked at the Bayulu Store and as a cook for a while for the old people. I started working on screen-printing with Cherry Smiler and some other ladies on silk screening at Bayulu many years ago. I came to work for Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre several years ago as part of the art therapy programme where I went back to sewing again.

I create designs and make them into block prints and screen prints on silk, linen and cotton. I also create local bush dyes and dye silk, cotton and wool. I like working at Marnin Studio because I can relax and ease my mind to do the things that I love. I feel happy with all the women around here and getting creative. I would love to see more women coming to be involved, especially the younger girls.

Meet the Artist: April Jones

Meet the Artist: April Jones

My name is April Jones and I live in the community of Bayulu near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. My language group is Gooniyandi. I worked for a very long time at Mangkaja Arts Resource Centre in Fitzroy Crossing, painting on canvas. I moved to Port Hedland and Broome to teach language at TAFE and then later I moved back to Fitzroy Crossing to teach at Karrayili Adult Education Centre.

In 2007 I came to Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre Art Therapy Studio to learn sewing and how to make curtains. In 2014 I started working with Marnin Studio learning how to create block prints and screen prints, which I use on paper, cotton, linen and silk. I really like working here and I like to be creative. I feel good and happy coming to the studio and proud when people look at my artwork. I enjoy painting bush tucker including echidna, emu and turtle.

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