Putting New Age to the test

New Age road test

The journey begins

Over the next few weeks we will be putting our New Age range to the test – a road-test, with three women of different ages and skincare histories in the driver’s seat. From super-hydrating serums to advanced light therapy treatments, endota’s next generation skincare delivers high performance, anti-ageing effects and ongoing benefits. With scientifically proven transformative results, including boosts in collagen and elastin production, our New Age range is ready to be given the green light.

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On the road to renewal

It’s week four of our New Age skincare trials and the response so far has been remarkable.
From revolutionary Light Therapy to age-defying serums, endota’s next generation of skincare is clinically proven to stimulate collagen and repair skin tone. But how does the New Age range perform under real life conditions?

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The real life results are in

It’s week eight and we’re ready to reveal the first scorecard from our endota road-test. So how has our trio been travelling since they last checked in? Over the past month we can report sure signs of progress.

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The road test showdown

Our final results are in, see the final transformation for yourself... We look into the microscope to bring you the finer details of these three astonishing transformations, illustrating that a commitment to quality skincare is able to achieve extraordinary results.

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