Nourish Hub Ceremonial Grade Cacao


Nourish Hub's Ceremonial Grade Cacao can be used to create an enjoyable daily ritual; not only is it a creamy, delicious, chocolate elixir, it can be used alongside meditation to open the heart, elicit creativity and encourage connection with self and others. A beautiful addition to enhance your daily routine and find creative clarity.

Cacao is also thought to contain around 1,200 chemically individual components beneficial for mind, body and soul:
Phenylethylamine: the LOVE molecule 
Anandamide: the BLISS chemical
Serotonin: the HAPPINESS hormone
Oxytocin: the BONDING hormone

Ceremonial Grade Cacao varies drastically from general cacao that you are able to source in most food stores. It originates from the rare Criollo bean and has been ethically harvested and sustainably sourced from local, family-owned Peruvian farms. Minimal processing and tampering occurs when harvesting Ceremonial Grade Cacao; you are experiencing the entire cacao bean, leading to increased efficacy in the nutritional value and meditative experience.

Our Ceremonial Grade Cacao is packaged into 250g cylinders that are 100% biodegradable and printed using vegetable based inks. They are sealed with a recyclable metal lid and biodegradable stickers. Generally Ceremonial Grade Cacao is presented in a large block of paste but to ensure our product is easy and enjoyable to consume, we present the cacao chopped into small chunks. There are approximately 8-10 servings per unit.

How to use
Heat 1 cup of water or your favourite plant-based milk along with 2tbsp or 20-30g of the ceremonial grade cocoa over the stove on a low heat unti warm.
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