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Nourishing Nipple Balm

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Nourish dry or cracked skin around the nipples with this smooth, organically-formulated multi-purpose balm. Perfect for breastfeeding mothers, or for hydrating skin anywhere on the body.



Breastfeeding might be a natural part of motherhood for many women – but it can certainly take a toll on the sensitive skin around the nipple. That’s where this natural remedy comes in – to rehydrate and replenish your skin, so you feel as good as you should while breastfeeding.

Enriched with soothing calendula and the healing powers of vitamin E and coca butter, it’s a natural formulation that’s free from nasties – and sensitive enough to be used during breastfeeding. Need to use it beyond the nipples? It works just as well on damaged skin elsewhere on the body.

How to use
Key Ingredients

Helps reduce inflammation and heal wounds with its soothing, conditioning properties.

Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter

Forms a protective barrier that helps skin retain moisture with fatty acids that improve the skin's condition.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E

Protects skin from environmental stressors by fighting off the free radicals that cause premature ageing and supporting a strong, healthy skin barrier.

The Ritual

Apply a small amount of balm to each nipple, making sure to wash off later when it’s time for breast feeding. You can also apply it to other chapped or dry areas on your body.