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Crystal Kit | Wellness Warrior

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200 grams of mixed tumble stone crystals – Tiger’s Eye, Clear Quartz and Amethyst stored in a vegan suede pouch.

These crystals have been combined to promote health and vitality.
The stone for success, Tiger’s Eye can give you the willpower and motivation you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.
Working to cleanse your mind of self-doubt, Clear Quartz will help you to feel charged and focused on your dietary and fitness goals. Clear Quartz will also amplify and charge other crystals.
Amethyst emits a calming vibration that helps to nourish the mind, body, spirit to restore balance.

How To Use

Your Crystal Kits have been designed to be used throughout your daily mindfulness practice.
Meditation: Hold your Wellness Warrior crystals in mindful meditation to promote emotional and physical health.
Body: Rest a Tiger’s Eye crystal on your body to promote strength and eliminate toxic emotions.
Home: Place your amethyst in a tray on your coffee table to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating space and unwanted energy.
Crystal Grid: Combine your Wellness Warrior crystals within your Crystal Grid to manifest health and wellness.

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