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Essence of endota gift pack

Essence of endota gift pack

The endota spa essence range consists of three energetic vibrational essences that have been exclusively formulated for endota spa by Filiz Halil. Blended together with the crystal of love, Rose Quartz. Be uplifted with the power of pure essential oils, positive intention and love.

The unique handmade signature scents of endota spa essences, Harmony, Energy and Life, have been exclusively created with healing properties to shift energy and promote a sense of well being

Experience each essence and find the one that evokes positive emotions.



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Harmony: Vanilla, Geranium and Rose, citrus notes of Orange and Lemon. 

Energy: essential oils of Sandalwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Citrus layering notes of Orange & Lemon

Life: essential oils of Sandalwood, Vanilla & Ylang ylang, Citrus layering notes of Orange & Lemon

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