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Breast Oil

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A nourishing massage oil, naturally-crafted to enrich your skin and keep you in-tune with your breast health.



The more time we spend connecting with the tissue in our breast area, the less time it can take for us to spot any changes that are worth further attention. This breast oil adds another layer of self-love to your breast health ritual – providing a naturally-nourishing base for a gentle, self-guided massage.

Made sustainably from oils derived from the world around us, endota Organic breast oil can smoothen the skin around your breast area and leave your chest looking its best – while promoting lymphatic drainage and better circulation. Use it to encourage regular breast health. And be sure to seek further medical advice if you notice any changes (beyond softer, revitalised skin).

How to use

the ritual

Apply two to three drops into your palms and then gently massage into your breast area in circular motions. Ideal to use as a part of your regular breast check routine.

where it fits

After you’ve stepped out of the bath or shower. We’d recommend using our breast oil after cleansing with another endota Organics product – like our refreshing lemon peel & sage body cleanser.