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Intention Candle - Connect

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Anytime you need a healing moment to reconnect with yourself, light this candle and let your stress turn into stillness. Infused with lavender and cedarwood, and the crystal powers of quartz, it’s a blissful little luxury to add to your everyday.


Relax. Recharge. Reconnect. This luxurious, hand poured soy wax candle offers you a moment of escape. Mindfully made as part of the 6 Sense collection by Wicks and Stones for endota, this little gem is embellished with the crystal healing powers of Connect Quartz, transforming any feelings of stress into courage and connection.

Perfect for cosy evenings, or as a gift for a very special someone, this blissful candle is infused with our Spirit essential oil blend of lavender and cedarwood that’s as comforting as it is uplifting.

How to use

the ritual

Take a seat, light your candle and enjoy a healing moment to recharge.