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Intention Candle - Truth

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Slow down and stay in the moment with this refreshing, uplifting hand poured candle. Breathe in the aromas of lavender, eucalyptus and lemon while the lapis lazuli stone lifts and enlightens your mind.


With a dash of delicate lavender, a refreshing hint of eucalyptus, and a drop of lemon essential oil, this heavenly soy wax candle is hand poured perfection. Featuring our fresh and tangy Breathe essential oil blend, this uplifting candle is part of the 6 Sense collection by Wicks and Stones for endota.

For the more spiritual at heart, this little luxury is embellished with lapis lazuli – the stone of truth and wisdom that will open, enlighten and unwind your mind.

How to use

the ritual

Press pause and set your intention. Light and let it burn.