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Mother Moon Illuminating Kit


Our mother moon illuminating kit consists of all the essentials you need to help empower the Moon Goddess from within, to illuminate both inside and out.

A perfect gift for the Moon Goddess in your life.


1 x rose quartz papaya seed virgin oil10ml

1 x rose quartz facial gua sha

1 x moonstone face + body illuminating roller 10ml


The mother moon illuminating kit’s intention is to become a part of your wellness ritual. rose quartz + moonstone crystals have been chosen + infused within the oil + the serum, as they are both known for their balancing, soothing + nurturing properties.

When combined with your favourite natural oil, the gua sha-skin massaging tool in this kit is a holistic alternative therapy designed to improve circulation, reduce puffiness + promote healing, both physically +energetically.


Crystals have been used around the world for thousands of years for protection, to attract love, promote luck + restore health! our intention is for your mother moon illuminating kit to become a part of your self-care wellness ritual.

Treat yo' self

Crafted from nature,  the gua sha is a non-invasive beauty tool, said to boost blood circulation  + encourage lymphatic drainage to achieve visible results. 

Why Rose Quartz

rose quartz carries the vibration of goddess love. This stone is said to be purifying + embodies properties of deep inner healing.

Why Moonstone

Also known as the ‘Goddess of Moon’ it is a symbol of feminine energies. It is said to bring balance by nourishing + awakening the Moon Goddess from within.

Why Papaya seed virgin oil

  • Papaya seed virgin oil contains vitamins a, c, + e which promotes faster healing + helps aid damaged skin.

  • It carries natural exfoliate enzymes

  • The natural oil both, brightens + lightens complexion for a healthy all over glow.

Why Illuminating serum

This formula is It is naturally packed with antioxidants. The serum first restores, then nourishes the skin, to maintain a radiant, glowing completion.

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How to use
Start with a clean face. Whilst the skin is still damp. mindfully apply your rose quartz infused papaya seed oil to the face. This will help the gua sha tool to glide smoothly over your skin and will increase the benefits of the oil. Your gua... Read More
rose quartz organic papaya see oil10ml”: cold pressed carica papaya seed oil moonstone face + body illuminating... Read More
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