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30 minutes

Your treatment

Your skin will be rejuvenated and hydrated for a beautifully firm, plumped and smoother look.

From fine lines and wrinkles, to hyperpigmentation and dehydration this facial will renew your complexion’s appearance, promoting radiant, sculpted, more resilient skin from the inside out. Results are visible after just one visit and continue to improve for several days after treatment.

Your experience
Electro-Mesotherapy is a half-hour, high performance facial designed for the deepest renewal. Non-invasive ionwave™ technology softens and briefly opens the cellular wall to allow our professional anti-ageing skincare to infuse. Blood and oxygen are stimulated to assist a lacklustre appearance. Electro-Mesotherapy’s superior trans-dermal delivery is customised to target your specific skin concerns for rapid revitalisation. This instant boost allows the benefits of our potent New Age™ serums to work more deeply beneath the surface, delivering active ingredients where they’re needed most. You’ll notice a luminous difference after just one treatment, while a regular series of treatments is recommended for optimum effect.
Your consultation
Your appointment includes a professional consultation to understand your specific needs and concerns with your qualified therapist. Total appointment time is 30 minutes.

Your experience awaits

Your skin will be rejuvenated and hydrated for a beautifully firm, plumped and smoother look.

enhance your results with a treatment booster

No additional treatment time required.

Plump & Firm - Collagen Booster

Pure concentrated collagen spheres contain potent nutrients, antioxidants and brightening agents to minimise the signs of ageing. 

Brighten & Smooth - Vitamin C Booster

A high concentration of pure vitamin C and encapsulated salicylic acid to address hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Hydrate & Awaken - Bright Eyes Booster

A potent synergy of hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and nurturing plant actives in a soothing eye mask to smooth and visibly improve fine lines. Includes a take-home eye mask.