the complete guide to using gift cards from endota 

Whether it's the season of gifting, a birthday or special milestone, or even an opportunity for self-care, an endota gift card makes for a truly thoughtful gesture. And if you're the lucky recipient, it's your invitation to enjoy wellness in whichever way works best for you. 
This guide shares the ins and outs of an endota gift card, including the kinds of gift cards available, the various products and treatments you can choose from, how to redeem your gift card and more.

what is an endota gift card? 

An endota gift card is an invitation to wellness. Available as an online e-gift card or a beautifully designed physical card, you can use an endota gift card to book signature facial treatments, massages and purchase skincare products that best support your wellbeing. Or make the most of the experience associated with the gift card. 
Whether a gift card has arrived in your inbox or you've received one in person, they're a sign that someone cares. All that's left to do is decide how you'd like to receive that care!

what gift card options are there at endota?

There's a gift card for her, him, them – everyone – at endota. We've carefully curated our gift card options so that the intent behind each card is as meaningful as the experience they ultimately lead to. 
If you have an endota Freedom Gift Card, you can use it towards any endota product or treatment you most feel like. Whether heading to a nearby spa for a massage or facial, purchasing products to bring the spa experience home or shopping online for award-winning skincare, the Freedom Gift Card lets you set the course for your self-care.  
We also offer several other gift cards at fixed prices that align with specific treatments.  
For example, the Surrender Spa Package Gift Card has been designed to be redeemed in spa for two of our best-loved signature treatments. So if you've received this gift card, you can use it to receive an Organic Relax massage and an Organic Infusion facial – the gift card covers the cost of both.

On the other hand, a Retreat Gift Card has been crafted to give you access to an entire year of wellness in all forms. Learn how to cook nutritious recipes, practice meditation and yoga, and more. Additional Freedom gift cards and products are also gifted throughout the year as part of the package. 

That said, most endota gift cards – including the Retreat Gift Card – can be put towards almost any endota product or in-spa treatment (both in-spa or online). So if you feel there are other ways for you to feel even more relaxed or rejuvenated than the treatment associated with your gift card, you're welcome to use some – or all – of the amount on your gift card to experience it.

what can I use my gift card for?

The endota gift card is designed so that you can tailor your experience to suit your unique needs. You're free to redeem your gift card for the specific treatment it's associated with, but you're also welcome to exchange it for any treatment of the same value or upgrade your treatment and put the gift card amount towards the new total. 
If you'd prefer to use your gift card to bring the spa experience home or enhance your skincare ritual, you can use your gift card's value to shop in-spa or online for your favourite (or soon-to-be-favourite) endota products
You can also use any gift card to put towards a monthly or yearly endota Retreat membership – as long as the value of your gift card is equal to or more than the price of the Retreat membership).

other gift card FAQs 

  • When will my gift card expire? 
    Your gift card will come with a 3-year expiration period from the date of purchase. You can check when this is online under the check balance tab.  

  • What prices are gift cards available in? 
    The value of a Freedom Gift Card starts at $25 (up to $2000) and is selected by the gift giver. Our other gift cards have set amounts to reflect specific treatments or the value of an annual Retreat membership in the case of a Retreat Gift Card. 

  • Where can I use my gift card? 
    At any of endota's over 100 spa locations around Australia or online. 

  • What's an e-gift card? 
    It's an electronic gift card that's either sent directly to your email address or to the inbox of whoever has bought you the gift (they can then print it off or forward it to you). 

  • What happens if I lose my gift card? 
    We can't replace physical gift cards, so make sure you keep yours somewhere safe. If you've lost your e-gift card, please get in touch with us with your email, tax receipt or original purchase order number starting with END-, and we'll do our best to find yours. 

  • Can I refund a gift card? 
    While you can exchange your endota gift card for any product or treatment of the same or higher value, you can't refund your gift card once purchased.

ready to get the most out of your gift card? 

Whether relaxing within an in-spa treatment, rejuvenating your skin with award-winning products at home or experiencing mind and body wellness through endota Retreat, your endota gift card invites you to experience the gift of wellness in many ways. 
Remember, you don't have to use your gift card balance all at once, either. To check your balance, head here and enter your gift card number.

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