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Skincare that Protects and Hydrates

What is digital ageing?

This is when skin damage is caused by a high energy-visible light (known as blue light) from our phones and computer screens. Blue light penetrates further into the skin than both UVA and UVB sunlight, and uses a higher level of energy than IR (infrared) light. This may result in even more damage to the skin—despite never even feeling a thing.

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SPF 50+ Why you need a sunscreen that protect you from UVA and UVB rays

UVA and UVB damage is the leading cause of premature ageing in Australia. Protecting your skin with a Broad Spectrum SPF protects from overexposure to UV rays that can lead to various forms of skin damage including: sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles, capillary damage and pigmentation

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Rejuvenate with nature

endota by Crystal Labs, NEW crystal range.

Enhance your mindfulness and bring a sense of clarity to daily life with endota’s collaboration with Crystal Lab. Crystal based rituals have been practiced by communities around the world for thousands of years. We’re embracing this ancient practice by bringing you a range of crystal wellness products designed to encourage connection and enhance daily rituals. We are spending more time inside and on devices so it’s more important than ever to restore balance and positivity within our wellness rituals. Our range of Crystal Lab by endota products enables you to mindfully connect throughout your day.

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A post gym must-have is our Organic Clove and Mint Recovery Balm

As mentioned in Women’s Health Magazine

We get it: no pain, no gain. But when your muscles become so sore after an intense workout session that you can barely move, it’s a total motivation killer. Not to mention, aching muscles can get in the way of simple everyday tasks, such as typing and walking up stairs. Muscle recovery should be taken seriously, and while stretching and staying hydrated help….

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Mastering mindfulness

Whether you’re turning to crystals or self-care practices such as meditation, ensure that you are taking the time to nourish, nurture and heal yourself. Create an environment in which you can cultivate positive and productive thoughts, at first finding sanctuary from the pressure of external negativity. In time you will learn how to focus your energy and focus on your positive outcomes, even under pressure.

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Advanced manifesting practice

Crystal grids are a powerful way to focus your energy

The gift of feeling good starts with endota

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