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Abundance is a state of mind, as much as it is about material wealth. It’s an expansive approach to wellbeing that trades anxieties over your financial position for an appreciative and sincere belief in the flow of prosperity.

What you'll cover
In exploring Abundance – the final pillar of the 7 Elements of Wellbeing – you’ll focus on ways to have a better relationship with your finances. Trading a mentality of lacking for one of prosperity and generosity. Looking into how money and wealth impact your life and your thoughts to see if anything is blocking its flow. Practising gratitude and active visualisation. And learning to understand that you’re enough – and that you have enough.

How you'll feel
Empowered by an expansive state of mind – not only to embrace your finances, but the other Elements of Wellness too. You’ll have a sense of assurance, security and delight. All of which are essential on the journey to a better life.

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