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clean refills range

As part of the continued effort to minimise our environmental impact, we’re excited to launch clean by endota eco refills.

Designed to top up your favourite clean by endota Hand and Body Wash or Lotion, each pouch reduces plastic use by 86%* — all while extending the life of your bottle.

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Each refill pouch reduces plastic used by 86%* and significantly extends the life of your original pump bottle.

*when compared to the clean by endota pump bottle.




Cleaner, more conscious beauty - made easy.


clean refills - how to refill - step 1

When you finish your clean bottle - don't throw it away! Visit your endota spa or order your clean refill online.

clean refill pouches - how to use - step 2

Refill your clean bottle with our clean refill pouches.

clean refill pouches - how to use - step 3

Rinse your clean refill pouch & drop it off to your local supermarket's RedCycle bin.

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