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Cleansing Smudge Stick

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Free your space from stagnant energy and bring back clarity and harmony. Our cleansing smudge stick gathers native plants to help you welcome positive intentions and serenity.



A space filled with positive energy starts with positive intention. Our cleansing smudge stick supports you in those intentions – helping you to establish a ritual that sees you clearing out the unwanted, and helping you to restore balance, clarity and harmony where it’s most essential.

Traditionally-bundled native plants work alongside you to purify your space. With it in-hand, you’ll be better equipped to welcome positivity. So your home is always a place of peace and good energy.

How to use

the ritual

Create time and space, then light a candle and set your intention for clearing. Light the smudge stick and let it smoke, waving the smoke around your space (including corners that might be forgotten).

where it fits

Whenever you have the time and the intent to clear your space from stagnant energy.