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Protecting Barrier Balm

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Protect baby’s sensitive skin from acidic moisture, while strengthening and hydrating their delicate skin barrier, with this ultra-soothing, organic barrier balm. Enriched with an abundance of natural ingredients to protect young skin from irritation.


Friction from nappies and pads can really irritate the skin – especially your baby’s delicate, sensitive skin. To protect your little one – or yourself – from acidic moisture – make this organic, multi-purpose barrier balm part of your ritual.

Pure cocoa butter, vitamin E and zinc all work together in this organic formulation, forming a light, waxy layer that soothes, softens and hydrates. Dermatologically tested to suit the most sensitive of skin, it’s suitable to use from the moment baby enters the world. And can be used on adult skin too.

How to use
Key Ingredients
Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter

Forms a protective barrier that helps skin retain moisture with fatty acids that improve the skin's condition.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E

Protects skin from environmental stressors by fighting off the free radicals that cause premature ageing and supporting a strong, healthy skin barrier.

Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide

Acts as a physical barrier sunscreen. It provides both UVA and UVB protection.

the ritual

Apply generously to baby’s nappy area during every change and after bathing (making sure the area is clean and dry). You can also apply this balm to any other area of irritation.

where it fits

Any time you’re changing and bathing your little one.