Finding your truth through purpose

When you are out of balance and not living your purpose, you feel flat and lifeless. You’ll find that you’re uninspired by following a path that someone else pushed you down, or one you felt obliged to pursue. You have a sense that something is not right and that there is more that you came here to do, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Finding this out is the greatest thing you can do for yourself, it will affirm why you have been through everything you’ve been through in your life and why you have felt so passionately about the many subjects that pulled on your heartstrings. Valuing yourself and discovering your significance will help you feel fulfilled in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

You already have everything you need. You are enough

Just like a snowflake, each one of us is unique, with individual desires, strengths and purpose. Think of your purpose as the blueprint that was assigned to you before birth. It's the reason for you being born into the family and culture you were, and similarly the reason you were born into the era and year you were.

Everything about your childhood has prepared you to fulfil your purpose. In all the difficult times as well as all the good times, your childhood has acted as a training ground to help you develop the skills you need in order to fulfil this innate, guiding cause that burns within you (whether you realise it or not).

Your intuitive, internal guidance system pulls you towards the things that you enjoy and things that grab your attention. Your talents and passions are all signposts that are leading you towards your purpose - these are often the things you have been interested in from an early age.

To find your truth and identify what your purpose may be, start to make a list of:

  • What you’re naturally gifted at and find ‘easy’ to do.

  • Activities you gravitate towards in your spare time.

  • The things you did as a child, when time seemed to stand still as you found yourself completely absorbed in that activity.

  • The subjects you were best at in school and the subjects you were most interested in.

Then ask yourself, if you were given time alone to walk through a bookshop or a library which subject matter would you be most drawn to and what subject of books do you find you have most of at home?

Next, ask three of your closest friends what they think you are most gifted at and how they think your skills could be best applied to contribute to the lives’ of others. Then ask them what it is that they would call you about to help them with - perhaps it could be writing, problem-solving, building something or consoling them when they’re feeling blue. The answers may surprise you.

Because our talents come naturally to us, we tend to underestimate them. Sometimes it takes a friend or a stranger to point out to us that it is indeed a gift, and something that not everybody can do.

The missing piece of the puzzle

Another really important step in discovering your purpose is to think about the whole world and the problems that you think you could alleviate, no matter how big or small. Ultimately, your purpose is found in using your strengths and talents to be of service to others. The reason why you’re so gifted in certain areas is because these gifts are actually the tools that will help you achieve what you came here to do.

Your purpose does not need to be complicated or grand. When we’re all living our truths, everybody’s role fits perfectly together like the cogs in the back of an old fashioned watch. When we allow our purpose to guide us, everyone is in the right place at the right time, fulfilling the needs of the community as a whole.

Nobody’s purpose is less or more important than anybody else's.

Kate Williams

Words by Kate Williams, endota Retreat guide and psychic channel.

Since I was a young child, I’ve been able to see and feel spirit and their energies. Throughout my career as a psychic channel, I have been taught the process of manifestation and its creative power. In fact my whole career has been built through the use of these manifestation tools.

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