are experience gifts the new trend? 

While natural skincare and nurturing wellness products make excellent gifts for family members, friends and Kris Kringles, often our loved ones already have everything they want or need. So what makes experience gifts a strong contender for the festive season and beyond?

what is an experience gift?

Experience gifts provide your loved ones with memorable moments that linger in their heart and minds. It’s reminiscent of Maya Angelou’s famous quote – “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Often, experience gifts come in the form of gift cards. Your loved ones get to choose the date, time, location and type of experience, which adds to its overall appeal. 

what makes experience gifts appealing and why are they trending?

Experience gifts have soared in popularity as they give loved ones the gift of choice and a unique feeling they can reflect upon fondly.  
Think of it this way – experiences lead to memories. Memories can last a lifetime. Experience gifts give them a story to tell, a feeling to cherish and a period of time they’ll never forget.

who benefits the most from an experience gift?

That’s not to say any experience gift will suit everyone. The lucky recipient will always appreciate an experience gift, provided it’s something they’re interested in. 
Just like gifting physical things, there still needs to be thought and effort put into finding the perfect experience. As for who benefits from an experience gift, everyone can: mum, dad, siblings, friends, colleagues, teachers – the list goes on. Ideally, it’s something the recipient either needs, enjoys or has never done but has always been curious about. 

what about spa treatments? Are they the perfect experience gift? 

We say yes! A spa treatment is their time to prioritise themself, helping unwind after a busy period. They are an especially beneficial time to refresh, recover and rejuvenate the mind, body and skin. Below are other reasons why spa treatments make the perfect experience gift: 

time to de-stress and relax

Whether a relaxing massage or organic infusion facial, a spa treatment puts your mind, body and soul at ease. It’s “me time” that allows for a moment of respite in a fast-paced world, helping you drift off while the expert therapist puts your wellbeing front and centre. Alternatively, a spa treatment could also be a great way to reconnect and relax with that special someone, especially in the form of a couples treatment.

addresses your skin’s unique needs

Your skin will feel renewed and thoroughly nurtured. Before your treatment, your therapist will help assess what your skin needs the most, whether that be an intense radiance facial, clinical peel, hydro-microdermabrasion, customised facial and more. Depending on your treatment, your skin can reap anti-ageing benefits while becoming smoother, radiant and supple.

releases serotonin and dopamine

When you’re in deep relaxation and bliss, your body naturally releases serotonin and dopamine. These good chemicals in your body influence your mood and mental health. Releasing these chemicals helps you feel uplifted and happier – who doesn’t want that?

improves blood flow and circulation

Improving blood flow and circulation boosts your immune system, helping you fight infection and maintain peak physical health. You can encourage better blood flow circulation in your system through remedial massages and targeted massages.

give the gift of wellness with an endota gift card

At endota, wellbeing is our natural state and our treatment offerings help facilitate this. By providing spa treatments that nurture and nourish the mind, body and skin, our wonderful endota community becomes uplifted, confident and more authentically themselves. When treatments are done regularly as part of a wellbeing journey, people become more resilient in the long term, ready for whatever life throws their way. 
Choose from a gift card that provides loved ones with a specific treatment. Or gift them true choice with our freedom gift card, letting them choose whatever spa experience they desire.  
For a gift that keeps on giving all year, consider a retreat membership gift card, which gives them access to endota’s exclusive range of meditation practices, online yoga classes, nutritious recipes and more.  
Loved ones can also use their gift cards across endota’s wellness and skincare products range. If you want that special someone to enjoy the experience alongside you, opt for a couples treatment.   
Buy an endota gift card here and give loved ones an experience gift they’ll never forget.

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