words of affirmation: developing a routine for daily affirmation 

Mother Teresa said it best – "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless". Practising positive affirmations every day can serve as helpful reminders to ourselves, especially during moments of anxiety or to kickstart your morning with an extra pep in your step. Combined with other wellness activities like yoga, daily affirmations can become part of your good habits that help build a healthy lifestyle. 

what are affirmations? 

Affirmations are the positive phrases we tell ourselves regularly to remind us how beautiful, unique and powerful we are. 
As the word suggests, these phrases reaffirm what we already know of ourselves but need a little reminder of, especially when life gives us lemons. Through repetition, these positive statements help to rewire your mindset, empowering you to overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. 
It's a simple yet powerful act that only takes a few minutes of your time but provides maximum impact by giving you the space to refocus and rebalance your mind. 

benefits and why affirmations are important 

While the act may seem small, practising daily affirmations adds up over time to bring positivity into your life. Everyone can benefit from positive affirmations, and through daily practice, you'll begin to receive a range of benefits including: 

improved self esteem

Daily affirmations help you be more mindful of what you tell yourself, as well as remind you of the essential qualities that make you, you. The positive affirmations will help tune out negative thoughts and distractions over time, improving your self-esteem.

stress reduction

Stress and anxiety are often a part of everyday life, but the small, daily ritual of saying positive affirmations can reduce stress levels by reminding you of what matters. Depending on your chosen phrase, the words of affirmation can calm the mind, alleviate worries, and help you stay focused on the present.

increased motivation and resilience

You can't pour from an empty cup. When you lack motivation, your positive affirmations can be your saving grace. Saying it out loud can help you refocus on the task at hand, reminding you of your Why and goals.

get started with these simple words of affirmation 

Anyone at any age can develop a routine of positive affirmations. It starts by choosing a phrase that you resonate with. Some common ones are: 

to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety

I am calm and in control of my life 

I am stronger than my emotions 

I am enough. I can let go 

to build confidence 

I am confident 

I am powerful 

I am worthy of love and respect 

to increase self-worth

I attract positivity and joy into my life 

I radiate happiness and share it with others 

I am capable of achieving my dreams 

Chop, change and customise the phrases as you see fit. Remember that the key is to create a simple phrase you can say daily. It should be relevant to your life and hold meaning to you personally. 

developing a routine for daily affirmations 

The optimal times to practise daily affirmations are in the morning while you do your skincare routine or in the evening just before bed. Saying it in the morning helps set the scene and mood for the rest of your day, whereas saying it in the evening rebalances your mind to help you prep for restful sleep. 
However, there's no "best" day or time to say your affirmations. You can repeat it as often as you'd like. Maybe you're nervous before a big job interview. Perhaps you're procrastinating and lacking focus. Or maybe you need a quick pep talk in front of the mirror while you do your evening skincare routine. The key to getting the most out of your affirmations is consistency and finding a time most suitable for your lifestyle. 

the best ways to recite affirmations  

When you're in the throes of life, it can be easy to forget to recite your affirmations. A great way to overcome this is by using affirmation cards and writing them down as a reminder to practise them daily. Doing this at the beginning of your journey is especially beneficial, as writing it down helps you become comfortable with the phrase before reading it aloud. 
Once you're familiar with your affirmations, remember to recite them daily and ideally out loud. Doing so helps your brain become more susceptible to what it hears, instantly rewiring and refocusing on what matters. 
We recommend finding a quiet space (an empty bathroom usually works) and reciting it in your normal tone. If there's a mirror, say it in front of it for extra effects and observe how your body language improves. 

make affirmations part of your micro-rituals  

Micro-rituals are the little things in life, the small acts of self-care and the brief moments in time we cherish. Affirmations can also fit under this, as they’re a simple act of self-care, reflection and connection to self.

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