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Mini Ceramic USB Diffuser

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Inhale, exhale and feel at ease. This USB diffuser is designed with ultrasonic technology to release essential oils into the air, so you can calm body and mind with all of the beautiful aromatherapy benefits.



When life feels like a bit of a balancing act, it’s time to take a moment to press pause. That’s where this mini ceramic USB diffuser comes in. In just a few seconds, it will transform your space into a tranquil retreat with ultrasonic technology that fills the air with the calming aromas of essential oils. After three deep breaths, you’ll feel right at ease. Elegant by design, it emits a soft, subtle, dappled light to soothe the senses and restore the mind.

The Mini Ceramic USB Diffuser measures W 125mm x H 155mm

All of our Mini Ceramic USB Diffusers come with a 12-month warranty, some conditions apply - click here for full details.

the ritual

Add your chosen essential oil, then plug into a power point USB adaptor or USB port on your computer and let it transform your space.