exfoliating 101: the ins and outs of renewing your skin

Our skin is a living organism with its own processes for regeneration and renewal. As part of that process, our skin is constantly shedding dead cells – which ultimately helps brighten our complexion, keep our skin healthy and maintain its natural glow. 
Exfoliating is the skincare step that helps speed up this process to make way for fresher and newer skin sooner. Our faces and bodies can benefit from exfoliating in ways extending well beyond the surface. But since everyone’s skin is unique, it’s helpful to know more about the types of exfoliation you can incorporate into your skincare ritual. 
Before we continue, an important tip: hydration after exfoliation is a must. When moisturising your skin, skin flooding is the hydration hack to make it happen

what are the benefits of exfoliation?

All kinds of incredible benefits come from exfoliating. As a start, the ritual removes dead skin cells from your skin’s surface, smoothing and brightening them to reveal a more radiant complexion. It keeps pores clear of any build-up of dirt, makeup, excess oil, sebum and so on, preventing acne and blackheads. 
By making exfoliating a regular part of your skincare ritual, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while making your skin more welcoming to other products like enriching moisturisers.

how to exfoliate facehow to exfoliate face

what’s the difference between face and body exfoliants? 

The sensitivity and thickness of our skin vary between our body and our face. So naturally, the ingredients used to formulate exfoliants for these are different too. 
The skin on our face is typically thinner and therefore more sensitive to active ingredients like exfoliants. That’s why you’ll often see facial exfoliants being paired with calming and hydrating ingredients to help prevent irritation. Whereas, the skin on our body is thicker, so it can withstand stronger exfoliants like exfoliating body scrubs. 
If your skin is sensitive, you’re better off using a gentle cream exfoliant or exfoliating mask on your face, as they have milder ingredients that suit more delicate skin types. We recommend you exfoliate your face once a week, being mindful of any skin sensitivity.
In comparison, body exfoliants often use stronger ingredients to help buff away and renew the skin on thicker areas like your elbows and knees. We recommend you exfoliate your body once or twice a week. That said, just like the skin on your face, it’s essential to be mindful of its sensitivity too.

what are the different types of exfoliants? 

There are three main types of exfoliants you’ll find – each with their unique qualities:

physical exfoliants 

Like an exfoliating body scrub, these formulations contain granules or particles that physically scrub away dead skin cells. When used with an exfoliating mitt, your skin is left silky, smooth and youthful looking.

chemical exfoliants

These exfoliants are often made with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), which work wonders by dissolving skin cells. AHAs are water-soluble and do most of their work on your skin’s surface, while BHAs are oil-soluble and penetrate deeper.

enzyme exfoliants

This type uses natural enzymes derived from fruits and vegetables like mango, cranberry, and lemon and more to break down dead skin cells and buffer your complexion. Since they’re often more gentle than chemical exfoliants, they make a great exfoliant option for those people with sensitive skin.

dry brushing

This is a centuries-old process that doesn’t involve any product at all – instead using a Dry Body Brush to manually exfoliate and massage your skin, stimulating blood circulation and clearing your skin.

making exfoliation part of the spa experience 

Looking for a deeper, more comprehensive exfoliation experience? The ritual is a part of many treatments you’ll find at your closest endota Spa. The Detox spa package will leave your skin feeling smoother and more rejuvenated from head to toe for a full-body exfoliation. 
Regarding facial exfoliation, you’ll find a range of in-spa packages to offer clinically proven, next-generation renewal for your complexion. With treatments like Intense Radiance and Intense Renewal drawing on the power of chemical exfoliants and non-invasive LED light therapy, your skin will feel revitalised and radiant. 
Hydro-microdermabrasion is another deeply exfoliating, specialised spa treatment that elevates the experience of resetting your skin – guided by a therapist who’ll keep your skin as cared for as it deserves to be. And if you’re looking for exfoliation that leads to the perfect pre-event glow? The Intense New Age facial treatment provides the ideal, holistic experience that makes your complexion feel smooth and full of life.

How to exfoliate bodyHow to exfoliate body

exfoliating elevates our entire skincare ritual

So make sure it’s a part of yours. Once you’ve found the right balance and products for your skin type, you’ll have unlocked a more luminous complexion. And your skin will be all the healthier for it. 

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