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endota facials to target ageing

Our favourite facial treatments for combating ageing skin.

When it comes to treating signs of skin ageing, a multifaceted approach is your best bet. Sleeping well, eating nourishing wholefoods, using effective skincare, and working in professional-grade treatments are all essential for maintaining hydration, firmness and luminosity – all markers of a youthful complexion.

As for skin treatments though, it can be confusing working out what delivers results versus what just feels nice. While we absolutely love holistic massage and a luxurious mask, when it comes to fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging, some ingredients and technologies shine brighter than others. That’s why we’ve asked endota skin expert and education coordinator Kimberley Conboy to share her top endota facial recommendations for beautiful skin at any age.

Kimberley explains that for skin showing signs of ageing, a powerhouse treatment that combines exfoliation, LED light therapy, and active ingredients such as peptides, alpha hydroxy acids and nourishing oils is key. That’s why she recommends endota’s Intense New Age and Intense Renewal treatments, both of which work to firm, brighten and rejuvenate the complexion.

Let’s explore both a little further:

Intense Renewal Facial

This treatment includes electro-mesotherapy (EMT), light therapy (LED), a Power Serum sheet mask and 15 per cent glycolic peel to deliver both instant and long-term results. “It’s a powerhouse combination of four targeted treatments packed into one blissfully relaxing 75-minute session,” Kimberley explains.

It begins with a detailed consultation, before your therapist starts a double cleanse. Next you’ll experience electro-mesotherapy, a treatment that uses ionwave technology to open up cellular pathways for optimal ingredient penetration (and before you ask, it’s completely pain free).

With the skin prepped, a 15 per cent glycolic peel is applied. A potent alpha hydroxy acid, the glycolic works to brighten, re-texturise and hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth, plump and even. And because relaxation is an integral part of all endota treatments, you’ll enjoy a blissful head massage at the same time.

An LED treatment to promote healthy, optimal cell function is next, followed by the New Age Power Serum Sheet Mask, then eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen to add a final layer of protection.

As for expected results, the LED delivers unbelievable glow, alongside thorough exfoliation and nourishing overall skin care, but, as Kimberley explains, this treatment can be “performed weekly to treat several conditions and get on top of repairing the skin”. With ongoing treatments, you’ll notice softer lines, a brighter tone and more even texture.

Intense New Age Facial

If you’re chasing serious results and an improvement in long-term skin health, the Intense New Age facial is for you. “This treatment takes things up a notch and is suitable as a monthly treatment,” says Kimberley. “There’s a 30 per cent glycolic peel to deeply exfoliate, hydro-microdermabrasion to smooth and detoxify, as well as LED light therapy to accelerate results, and the Power Serum Sheet Mask to saturate the skin with hydration.”

Once your complexion has been assessed and properly cleansed by your endota therapist, you’ll move straight onto the clinical peel. This one is a step up from the concentration offered in the Intense Renewal treatment, so it works well if you’re experiencing a build-up of dull, flaky cells. Then comes the hydro-microdermabrasion to gently buff the surface of the skin, diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles.

Once the skin is silky smooth, you’ll be placed under the LED light to activate healing and renewal on a cellular level, before a Power Serum Sheet Mask is applied. Soaked in a blend of ultra-hydrating ingredients (including Hydroviton® 24 and our Advanced Moisture Complex), the mask works to stimulate collagen and elastin production, while flooding the skin with serious hydration.

Like the Intense Renewal Facial, you’ll look glowy and luminous straight away, while the LED and exfoliating benefits will encourage more youthful looking skin in the long term.

For long-lasting results

As Kimberley suggests, the key to optimal results is regularity, which is why our Treatment Series is so beneficial. With 20 per cent off the total cost, clients can purchase a series of five treatments that build on results over time – and pay for just four. Available across both the Intense Renewal and Intense Radiance facials, it’s a great way to ensure brilliant results at an affordable price point.

For more information on the endota Treatment Series, or to explore further facials targeting other skin concerns (like pigmentation, sensitivity or congestion), take a look through our blogs.