Facial treatments at endota spa offer something for everyone, and every skin type.

Whether we are infusing active botanicals and antioxidants into your skin with our signature endota spa Organics™ facials or using advanced, high-performance anti-ageing techniques with our Light Therapy, hydro-microdermabrasion or glycolic peel treatments, a facial experience at endota spa addresses your needs and combines relaxation with results.

Please arrive 10 minutes early and enjoy a cup of organic tea in our relaxation lounge before easing into your treatment.

Prices vary per treatment and spa location.

Choose a specific facial treatment to suit you or work with our therapists to develop an in spa skincare regimen that targets your concerns.

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  1. Organic Infusion Facial

    Hydrate | Nourish | Nurture

    Organic Infusion Facial

    50 minutes


    Our signature facial created to deliver relaxing results.
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  2. Organic Express

    Hydrate | Nourish | Calm

    Organic Express

    30 minutes


    A flash facial using endota spa Organics™ skin care to give skin a burst of hydration.
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  3. Intense Radiance

    Hydrate | Renew | Illuminate

    Intense Radiance

    45 minutes


    Feel radiant with this results-based facial that offers the perfect combination of exfoliation and cell regeneration.
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  4. New Age Light Therapy

    Plump | Boost | Defend

    New Age Light Therapy

    60 minutes


    This clinically tested, high performance facial uses the latest technology to deliver collagen stimulating, anti-ageing results.
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  5. Hydro-Microdermabrasion

    Strengthen | Restore | Brighten


    60 minutes


    Brighten the complexion while restoring & strengthening the skin with this deeply exfoliating treatment.
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  6. Intense New Age

    Plump | Smooth | Stimulate

    Intense New Age

    75 minutes


    This powerhouse skin rejuvenating & anti-ageing facial delivers four results-based treatments in one.
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  7. Power Series

    Repair | Target | Refine

    Power Series

    4 x 30-minute sessions


    A series of targeted treatments used to repair common skin conditions & address concerns.
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  8. Power Programs

    Treat | Maintain | Optimise

    Power Programs

    3 x 60 minute sessions


    Power Programs allow you to combine the facial treatments best suited to your concerns into an ongoing maintenance program.
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