Intuition... it's more than a feeling

Intuition is a sixth sense that helps us understand things without conscious reasoning. It’s instinctive within us and has developed as part of a protective mechanism to warn us of any risk coming our way. Against all logic, you may have noticed your intuition telling you when something feels “off”. It indicates whether you do or do not feel safe in a certain situation or with a certain person and exists to guide you away from danger.

There are six main senses that we receive intuitive information through, they are called our Clair Senses:


The ability to see images with your third eye, this is your “mind's eye”. We exercise this ability with visualisations and when we use our imagination.


The ability to hear intuitive information, this is activated using the inner ear and can often just sound like your own thoughts in your mind.


A feeling and a sense in your body sometimes experienced as nausea or tension in your stomach. When someone has a “gut feeling” they’re being guided by their clairsentience ability.


The ability to know something that has not been proven by your standard five senses. You may just know who is calling you before you have a look at the number on your phone, or you may just know the right direction to take on a road you’ve never been down before. It is an internal knowing without any physical reference.


The ability to smell things intuitively. This means that you may be able to smell things that are not physically in the room. For example, when I first feel the presence of loved ones who have passed over, often the first thing that comes to me is a smell (perhaps roses, mothballs or pipe smoke).


The ability to taste things despite not having actually eaten them. You may have heard the saying “that left a bitter taste in my mouth,” so start to take notice of what has been happening around you if you experience taste sensations without being prompted.

This intuitive information usually comes fast and fleetingly, but meditation is an incredibly powerful practice to develop your intuition and learn from these prompts. It trains your brain to focus on the space between your thoughts and to focus more on the invisible vibrations that you feel in your body.

Our busy realities and swarming thoughts often distract us from developing a deeper level of awareness and intuition, but mindfulness can help.

Developing your intuition

These are some very easy mindfulness exercises to help you develop your intuition:

  • Guided meditations that prompt your imagination to see images in your mind's eye strengthen your clairvoyance ability.

  • Sitting quietly with your eyes closed as you carefully listen to all the sounds around you taps into your clairaudience ability.

  • Asking yourself a question and then taking note of how your body responds (does it tense up or relax?) to the prompt helps develop your clairsentience skills. As does becoming aware of your energy levels when you’re around certain people or environments (do you feel drained or energised?).

  • Start asking your guides and angels questions and actively look out for the answers in any shape or form that they may come. You might like to write questions down on a piece of paper and place them underneath your pillow. The answers you’re seeking might find you in your dreams or could be the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up. This exercise is a good way to practice your claircognizance ability.

  • The next time you’re eating something, become present to its textures, taste and smell, and see if you can identify all the ingredients used to better refine your clairgustation sense.

The most important thing to remember is to not try too hard when it comes to trusting your intuition. Forcing it will likely stop the flow of intuitive information, so the more relaxed and open you are, the more likely you’ll be able to let your intuition guide you.


Kate Williams, endota Retreat guide and psychic channel

Words by Kate Williams, endota Retreat guide and psychic channel.

Since I was a young child, I’ve been able to see and feel spirit and their energies. Throughout my career as a psychic channel, I have been taught the process of manifestation and its creative power. In fact my whole career has been built through the use of these manifestation tools.

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