Why are antioxidants so good for you? Breaking down the benefits of antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for our wellbeing – in fact, they’re crucial when it comes to disease prevention and healthy skin. But how do they work and how do we ensure we're getting enough on a daily basis?

At endota, we’re passionate about holistic beauty from the inside out, which is why we’re sharing our knowledge of the power of antioxidants — from how they help to protect our cells, to enjoyable ways to integrate them into your day, nourishing skin rituals and warming cacao elixirs included!

The benefits of antioxidants for your skin

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are compounds that neutralise the effects of free radicals within the body. Free radicals are unstable molecules known to cause cellular damage, and while they’re okay in small amounts, overexposure can result in oxidative stress — an imbalance between the production of free radicals and antioxidants in your body.

Our bodies produce their own antioxidants internally, and they are also abundant in many food sources. Common antioxidants including vitamins A, E and C, zinc, copper and selenium can be found in dark leafy greens, fruits, green tea, oily fish and cacao.

What are the benefits?

Antioxidants play a crucial role in our health by preventing damage to cells caused by external factors like pollution, UV rays and cigarette smoke. By keeping cells healthy, antioxidants help to prevent conditions like cancer, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, macular degeneration, respiratory illnesses and immune deficiencies.

Antioxidants also play an important role in skin health. As we age, we naturally lose collagen and elastin, causing our skin to wrinkle and droop. A diet rich in antioxidants can slow down these signs of ageing by helping to protect skin cells from damage caused by sun exposure and pollution, and by promoting collagen production.

How to get your fair share

Wondering if you’re getting enough antioxidants to reap the benefits? The key is to look at both your skincare routine and your diet to ensure both inner health, and an outer glow. Read on for our top tips.

Through skincare…

Certain antioxidants, like vitamins A, C and E, are scientifically proven to benefit the complexion when applied topically. Not only do they defend our skin during the day, they also work to improve concerns like fine lines, discolouration and uneven texture.

For visible results, reach for a targeted formula like our Super C Firming Serum. Packed with an encapsulated form of vitamin C, as well as ferulic acid and sodium hyaluronate, this lightweight treatment firms, brightens and hydrates, while improving overall radiance.

Our Cellular Repair Face Cream is another protective option that combines peptides, niacinamide and antioxidant vitamin E to nourish and replenish, while lessening the visible signs of ageing.

Through your diet…

What we eat is as equally as important as what we put on our skin, and there are plenty of options to ensure an antioxidant-rich diet. Natural wholefoods are your best bet, specifically leafy green vegetables, dark coloured fruits, sustainable oily fish and green tea, but there are also amazing benefits from sweet treats such as cacao.

Why not try a delicious antioxidant-rich cacao elixir made using our Ceremonial Grade Cacao Powder, it’s equal parts creamy and warming. Mix into warm water or plant milk for an enhanced sense of serenity and self-love. If savoury is more to your taste, you might like to try this BBQ Salmon recipe. An oily fish, salmon’s pink flesh is thanks to astaxanthin, a protective antioxidant.

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