Calm the mind, treat the body and soothe the spirit

June 2020

Calm the mind, treat the body and soothe the spirit

Why keeping up with your beauty routine is important

Your skin is your largest and laziest organ. So while you’ve been working your backside off in virtual workouts during lockdown, it’s been doing… nothing.

While maintaining your beauty regime is important to keep your skin active and healthy, this aspect of self-care also helps revitalise your mental and spiritual wellbeing. And as we start emerging from our hibernation, we all need a little nurturing and care.

Our spas are open around the country, to help wake up and revitalise your skin, mind and spirit.


Start with the basics

When we feel good on the outside, it affects how we feel on the inside. So getting our basic beauty affairs in order is the best place to start for a hit of feel-good vibes.

Unwanted body hair can be quickly tamed with a wax treatment. Hydrating dry hands or cracked heels with our Manicures and Pedicures will make you feel soft and supple again. More than just your average mani/pedi, these treatments will also take you on an aromatic sensory journey to calm your mind and body.

And if you miss your summer glow, our personalised Organic Spa Spray Tan will give your skin that sun-kissed shimmer as winter sets it.


Boost your skin into action

The change of seasons, from summer to winter affects our skin. In winter, it needs more hydration to combat the cold, wind and dry air. While you may have kept up your beauty rituals during isolation, there are some benefits you just can’t replicate at home.

Our Signature Facials are a great way to revitalise dry, aging skin – because hydration helps bring back that youthful healthy glow.

If your skin is in need of nurturing on a deeper level, our high performance facials will provide visible results very quickly. Using technology like LED light, laser and ionwaves, your skin will look and feel radiant, smooth and more resilient.

Now is also a great time to re-awaken your skin with our Power Series. This intense repair treatment includes four 30-minute bursts of targeted sessions, addressing your skin’s concerns. To help bring back the rejuvenated, smooth and youthful skin you’ve been missing.


Keep up with maintenance

Now that lockdowns are easing, it’s important to maintain your beauty rituals. Regular treatments will help you stay on top of concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, with our expert therapists able to tailor your appointment using products that suit your needs.

They also provide a time for you to pause and feel nurtured. Our treatment rooms are prepared to help you awaken your energy and reconnect with your physical and spiritual self. Through Jade stones, flower essences and nurturing care, endota treatments give your body and mind a place to rest and recover from the stresses of life.

It’s time to regain your healthy glow.

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