What is crystal healing and how can you get started?

Have you felt the quietly growing need to reconnect to nature and its healing powers?

“The busier our lives become, the longer we spend indoors and on devices. We are essentially losing touch with nature and true connection to source,” says Wicks + Stones and Crystal Lab founder, Kym Eliopoulos. “The need to reconnect and heal is becoming more important.”

When Kym was a yoga teacher, she saw a real demand for ‘spiritual tools’, like crystals. So she created Wicks + Stones – the home of crystals, candles and holistic health.

“We help people heal, so they can continue to grow, evolve and become better versions of themselves.”

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What is crystal healing?

Crystals and gemstones are used to absorb, focus and direct natural energies.

“They have been used around the world for thousands of years for protection, and to attract love, promote luck and restore health,” Kym says. “It’s really time we use these resources to our advantage to heal and become whole again."

People turn to crystals for many reasons –from attracting luck and manifesting love or healing a broken heart to achieving a goal. Most recently, the Wicks + Stones team found their customers using crystals to protect and cleanse personal spaces.

But Kym says crystals can also help you manage different emotions.


Amethyst for stress

“A soothing stone, Amethyst can help ease stress and emotional exhaustion by calming and focusing an overactive mind,” she says.

It can also be used to ease stubborn headaches. Simply cool them in the fridge and place the cold stones over the temples.



Quartz for lack of clarity

Known as the master healer, this crystal is said to increase clarity of thought, shift stagnant energy, sharpen the mind and build confidence.

“It's also known to improve awareness by balancing and revitalising the mental planes.”

You can also use quartz to amplify or cleanse other crystals.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz for sadness

Rose quartz is an incredibly nurturing stone.

“I used it for a solid year after losing my dad to cancer very suddenly. I would wear it around my neck, carry one in my pocket, and even had them in my car. It really helped me heal and gave me the ability to start loving myself, others and the world again after such a traumatic time,” Kym recalls.


Getting started with crystals

You can use crystals in a lot of different ways. Kym recommends some easy and creative ways to get started if you’re new to the practice.

1. Use them during meditation

With the power to focus an overactive mind, holding a double terminated Amethyst gem during mediation can help advance your practice.

“Due to the bi-directional shape of the stone (a point at each end) it’s useful when cultivating energy to flow in both directions, creating balance to its user.”

2. Cleanse your home

Scatter Quartz crystals around power points in your home to neutralise background radiation, including electromagnetic smog.

3. Learn and work more effectively

Fluorite stimulates the desire for knowledge and learning, so it is a great learning aid. Keep a stone on your desk to help focus and strengthen your memory.

4. Change and energise while you hydrate

The easiest way to get started is with Wicks & Stones crystal elixir bottle. It charges and energises your water with the healing powers of crystal vibration. The removable base lets you change crystals to suit your intentions and mood and the energy you want to charge your body with.

Crystals can also help you set goals and intentions, using a crystal grid. Read more about setting goals with crystals here.

endota’s Wellness Warrior, Money Magnet and Love Bomb crystal kits are also a great way to start your journey to healing with crystals.


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The intention for both endota and Crystal Lab is to encourage wellness rituals and to promote self-love for all women. Each Crystal Lab by endota product is designed to act as a tool to encourage connection and enhance everyday wellbeing through crystal healing.