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This bespoke facial treatment will restore your glow

There are few things in life that are as tranquil or transformative as a perfectly tailored facial.

Not only does a facial treatment have the power to soothe tension and melt away stress, with the right tools, products and techniques, it can seriously change the health of your skin for the better.

endota’s Customised Facial is designed to do all that and more. Every individual treatment is tweaked to suit your personal complexion and its needs, because the truth is, no two skin types are exactly the same.

So, if you’re looking to kick-off your commitment to self-care over the holiday period, or just overhaul your skin regime, the endota Customised Facial is the perfect place to start. Keep reading for a little more on what’s involved.

A bespoke treatment designed with your skin in mind

endota skin expert and education coordinator Kimberley Conboy explains that the Customised Facial is a fantastic treatment for clients that want to target specific concerns or are being introduced to a professional skincare regimen. This is because it starts with a detailed consultation and skin analysis, followed by a range of steps and products selected especially for you.

Kimberley says that the benefit of this approach is that the treatment can be used to combat a range of different problems, from ageing to congestion, pigmentation, sensitivity, dryness or just dull skin in need of a tune-up. No matter what your skin type and issues it faces, you are certain to get something out of it!

A detailed skin analysis

One of the Customised Facial highlights is the bt-analyze tool, a device that’s used both at the beginning and end of the treatment to measure and assess skin health.

“This really shows where the skin hydration levels sit and how much they improve from one professional treatment. It can be taken on several areas of the face to help analyse where dehydration might be occurring, as well,” says Kimberley.

As for the treatment itself, expect a gentle sensory journey and sense of mindfulness, plus a selection of high-powered, effective skincare products from the endota New Age™ range.

The treatment will include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, restorative face, scalp and foot massage, a targeted facial mask, and final skincare application. There’s also the option to include additional boosters to really take the treatment to the next level.

It’s the chance to zen out for an entire hour, and emerge feeling refreshed, at ease and supremely radiant (think unfurled shoulders, an unclenched jaw, plumper skin and a renewed sense of calm).

Post-treatment care

At-home care is equally important when it comes to maintaining professional results, so you’ll also be given a personalised product prescription at the end of your Customised Facial experience, curated by your therapist.

Here are some of our New Age™ favourites for luminous skin from the comforts of home:

Deep Cleansing Cream:

Designed to thoroughly clean the skin without stripping it of essential moisture, this decadent cleanser is the ultimate first step to prep the skin for serums, treatments and moisturiser. Take the time to really massage it in for up to a minute to increase circulation and define facial contours. For an extra-special touch, remove it with a warm flannel.

Instant Revival Power Mask:

Like a power nap for tired or devitalised skin, this restorative treatment works quickly to soothe, refresh and illuminate your face. There’s peptides and a gentle form of vitamin A to refine, while oat and panthenol will calm and reduce redness. If you’d like to really reset your complexion, try smoothing on a light layer before bed and rinsing in the morning.

Cellular Repair Face Cream:

Finally, lock in all the goodness with a buttery moisturiser, such as the endota Cellular Repair Face Cream. Packed with peptides, soothing niacinamide and vitamin E, it works to protect the skin barrier, prevent moisturiser loss, and firm the skin’s appearance. The silky texture will leave you looking radiant, too.

Avocado & Mint Foot Cream:

Instil a spa-like feeling at home with a five-minute foot massage. This buttery cream will soften overworked skin, leaving your feet refreshed, nourished and smooth. Pop a pair of socks over the cream to really let it work its magic.


If you’d like to experience your very own, bespoke Customised Facial treatment, find your nearest endota location here.