The perfect treatment, designed just for you

Everyone’s different. We all have our own needs and preferences in life – and in massages. Some people like a gentle calming massage, while others prefer to focus on specific muscles with firmer pressure. We have created a treatment designed just for you – for when your body needs a little extra attention plus some added relaxation.

A massage that’s just right

Our endota Signature massage treatments have a set flow and pressure to offer deep relaxation. But if you have specific needs or concerns, such as tension in your shoulders or a sore lower back, a Customised Massage could be the best remedy. We have an hour or half hour treatment option, designed to bring relief to both body and mind.

When you arrive for your treatment, you’ll unwind in our lounge area with a cup of herbal tea. Your therapist will take you through to your treatment room, this is when your therapist will ask you what areas of your body need special attention and will tailor your massage to address them.

Customised Massage

An endota Customised Massage is an hour of personalised bliss

Through a range of different movements and pressures your therapist will release stress and tension, calm your mind and deeply relax your body. You’ll emerge feeling lighter and re-energised.

After your massage your therapist will also recommend a suitable treatment plan to continue at home with specific products. So you can continue to feel great long after your treatment.

Creating the ultimate experience

It’s important to share any allergies, injuries or recent surgeries or medical treatments, as your therapist will tailor your treatment accordingly – avoiding certain products or areas, or adjusting movements or pressure. You should also mention if you bruise easily or experience chronic pain.

If you’re unwell or have a bad headache, we recommend waiting for this to ease before having a massage. And if you’re pregnant, we recommend our Pregnant Pause spa package or our Pregnancy Massage (available in select spas) instead.

It’s important to note that a massage helps release toxins out of your muscles, which can cause headaches, nausea or fatigue. To avoid these potential side effects, you need to flush the toxins out of your system. You can do this simply by drinking plenty of water before and after your massage.

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