What are high performance facials and how do they work?
What are high performance facials and how do they work?

June 2020

Step up your skincare with a high performance facial

Getting a facial is one of the most relaxing ways to take care of yourself. An hour or so of nurturing you-time that leaves you feeling great and looking amazing.

But when your skin needs a little more love, a high performance facial will help rejuvenate and boost your skin back to its radiant, youthful looking self.

Beneath the surface

A standard facial treats the top layers of your epidermis – the outer, protective layer of your skin. By treating just the surface layer, you will see a boost in the appearance of your skin, but you won’t stimulate the skin cells hiding down below.

High performance facials work on the deeper layers of the epidermis and stimulate the next layer- the dermis, which supports the outer layer and enables our skin to thrive. By stimulating the skin and blood flow at this level we can effectively target concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation – and accelerate your skin’s healing and rejuvenation. Often with immediate results.

A powerful pairing

The secret to high performance facials is combining the right active ingredients with the right technology. At endota, we pair high potency serums with active ingredients with technology that will get the best results for your specific skin concerns. Best of all, we do it in a relaxing and nurturing setting. So your soul, as well as your skin will feel re-energised and amazing.

Here are some of the technologies we use in our high performance facials:


Our Hydro-Microdermabrasion treatment uses a diamond tipped wand with vacuum suction that removes dirt and the top layer of dead skin cells. While it deeply exfoliates, the wand also infuses your skin with a customised solution to treat specific skin conditions such as ageing, pigmentation or congestion.

This high performance facial will leave your skin restored and strengthened, with a luminous glow and smooth texture.

New Age Light Therapy

LED technology uses LED lights to target your skin cells’ light receptors, which convert light into energy. Your cells are fuelled with the energy it needs to repair and rejuvenate your skin. It’s the stimulating recharge your cell batteries need.

Our non-invasive, relaxing New Age Light Therapy treatment stimulates the deeper layers, helping improve your pores, pigmentation, nourishment and hydration of your skin.

So you’ll look and feel instantly rejuvenated, smooth and youthful –and in four short treatments, the structure of your skin is noticeably improved.


Used in our Electro-mesotherapy treatment, ionwave technology gently opens up your skin cell’s coating to maximise cell permeability, and help your skin absorb active ingredients – for immediately visible, firmer and healthier looking skin.

Electro-mesotherapy has been dubbed the skin infusion that accelerates the skin’s recovery process and rejuvenation.

Customised to target your individual skin concerns – from fine lines to acne – we use highly effective ingredients and products such as Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Britenyl.
And although the technology works hard, all you’ll feel is a relaxing tingling.

Laser Genesis

Used in our advanced Laser Genesis treatment for rejuvenation, laser light heats up the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. And the benefits are endless: visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines, diffusing redness and scars, smoothing uneven skin texture, and reducing pore size.

Much like our other treatments, Laser Genesis is relaxing – all you’ll feel is a warm sensation while the laser is hard at work.

Laser Genesis treatments are currently available at endota spa Doncaster, endota spa Paddington, endota spa Berwick and endota spa Malvern.

A powerful pairing

Different treatments target different skin conditions, and some might be more suitable for sensitive skin than others. But if you’re after a relaxing treatment with visible results, one of our high performance facials will most likely work for you.

Contact your local endota spa and talk to a therapist about your specific needs – they’ll be able to recommend the perfect treatment for you. Because a facial experience at endota spa will always combine relaxation with results.

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