endota x 28 by Sam Wood
endota x 28 by Sam Wood

Food to make you feel better

Using nutrition to manage stress and boost immunity

Food can do wonderful things. From tantalising the taste buds to giving us energy to get through the day, your nutritional choices make a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Eating whole foods that boost your body with vitamins and minerals can help you build your defences against illness and fatigue.

Our Founding CEO Mel Gleeson caught up with 28 by Sam Wood’s Head Nutritionist Shahna Sarpi who shared some expert insight into foods you can eat to improve gut health, manage stress and boost immunity.

Something on everyone’s mind right now, Shahna and Mel discuss immunity boosting foods to help you through this chilly winter.

Did you know the majority of our immune system is in our gut? Here’s some tips from Shahna on building your gut health.

Another downer for the immune system is stress and anxiety. Shahna talks us through some magnesium rich foods that can help with reducing stress levels.

Incorporating fresh, nutrient rich food into your diet is a wonderful way to care for yourself each day and we know your overall health will benefit from making considered choices. So happy eating and stay well!

If you’d like some healthy snack ideas recommended by Shahna, click here for some fantastic recipes from the 28 by Sam Wood program.