endota blogs - A Guide to Setting Intentions for 2022

Why swapping resolutions for intentions could be the key to a transformative year

Naturally, the onset of a new year also forces us to sit and reflect on how we’re feeling, what we’ve achieved, what we still want to do, and any changes we’d like to make. For many of us, setting New Year's resolutions feels like the best way to move forward. But while they invariably look good on paper, the issue with resolutions is that they can often be unrealistic, unobtainable, or neglect the bigger picture.

That’s where setting intentions can be used as a tool to manifest change in your life in a different, more holistic way. By shifting our inner and outer dialogue, we have the power to ensure that 2022 is one of our best years, not just marked by what we do, but how we grow, develop and, ultimately, how we feel.

Keep reading for our advice on how to integrate this practice into the new year.

The difference between intentions and resolutions

Resolutions are often concrete or tangible goals: work-out four times weekly, meditate daily, buy a new car, or land a promotion at work. Intentions, however, are more about a state of being or a feeling (as opposed to a measurable end point). It might be to feel calmer, to take things less personally, to practice more gratitude or to love unconditionally.

Quantum language and the power of words

We’ve all heard the ‘sticks and stones’ euphemism, but the reality is that words can truly shape our lives. It’s thought that words carry energetic frequencies, and thus can interact with our personal vibration (and the vibration of those around us).

This phenomenon is often referred to as ‘quantum language’, a term coined by journalist and transformational coach Dani Kratz. Like quantum theory, quantum language suggests that positive words have a higher frequency, while negative words operate at a lower frequency. There is even compelling evidence to suggest that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ language can affect our brain patterns on a biochemical level.

What this means is that our words carry weight and can have a profound effect on the way we feel about ourselves — for better or for worse. So, when it comes to setting intentions and shifting your mindset, language really is one of the most powerful tools we have.

Manifest the life you want

Intention setting and quantum language are closely linked with manifestation, the spiritual tool that you can use to create what you want to experience and possess in your life. The gist of it is that what you put out to the universe energetically and vibrationally, you then receive — it’s much like the saying, where the focus goes, the energy flows.

So, when it comes to intention setting for the new year, envision yourself feeling happier/ calmer/ more loving – whatever it is you desire – and integrate language (or quantum language) into this.

Words to live (and love) by

One of the easiest ways to use this tool in your day-to-day life is through daily affirmation. By saying things out loud to ourselves on a regular basis, we can alter our thought patterns, our energy output and thus our reality.

It’s important to come up with affirmations that speak to you personally, but here are some ideas to get you thinking when it comes to setting intentions for the new year:

I intend to love unconditionally.

I intend to stop taking things personally.

I intend to see the goodness around me.

I intend to appreciate my body – once a day – for all it does.

I intend to freely forgive others and myself.

I intend to tell those around me that I love them.

I intend to do something for myself every day.

I intend to suspend judgment and accept life as it is in the moment.


It’s important to speak intentions out loud, perhaps to yourself in the mirror, or while you practice some meditation or breathwork.

And try to undertake daily affirmations in a quiet place in the morning to really set the intention for the day, before everything gets busy.

Practice at home

When it comes to setting intentions and practicing words of affirmation at home, consistency is key — which is why affirmations are available on endota Retreat (alongside on-demand guided meditations, delicious recipes, workouts and yoga classes).

Designed to help you with confidence, gratitude, self-worth and love, having a source to rely on will help you to remain dedicated — fostering a 2022 that’s fulfilling, wholesome and joyous.


Happy New Year from endota, and may 2022 be your most wonderful year yet.


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