Tapping into emotional freedom techniques with Teddi Emerald

Confidence, self-love and self-acceptance; three areas empowerment healer and endota Retreat guide Teddi Emerald focuses on strengthening as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.

This wellness medium is frequently referred to as tapping, as the act of performing EFT involves tapping with your fingers on meridian pressure points while repeating positive messages to help release energy blocks. A combination of ancient wisdom and modern psychology that, when used together, achieve powerful, fast results.

“It helps reduce cortisol, the stress hormones in the body, it helps you to get past those stuck thoughts so you can move through, flow through and have a different emotional experience.”

The alternative treatment helps to relieve physical and emotional stresses using psychological acupressure techniques. EFT helps those struggling with crippling self doubt, fear of what others think and constantly comparing themselves to others.

Teddi’s relationship with EFT changed her life in a short amount of time, which is what led her to pursuing the medium. Teddi uses EFT to help people joyfully create the life they desire — helping grasp life’s opportunities, freedom of expression and self-confidence with both hands.

Teddi Emerald - Explore Tapping on endota Retreat

Ready to start tapping?

There are multiple EFT classes available on endota Retreat and we've picked two of these to help you get started on your journey. Follow along with Teddi, tap where she taps and repeat her messages to better develop the confidence, self-love and self-acceptance Teddi’s EFT practices work to strengthen.

Confidence Activation is a 5 minute class that aims to boost self-confidence and alter perspective on your place in the world. Focusing on the importance of self-belief and keeping an open mind, free yourself from thoughts of self-doubt to radiate confidence from within.

Guilt Free Boundaries discusses the importance of setting boundaries and finding the self-acceptance you may need when it comes to saying no, minus any guilt! Suitable for anyone who finds themselves saying yes when their plate is already full, and they don’t have the time or energy to invest in the commitment.

Looking to tap into this medium? Practice EFT and reap its rewards with Teddi on endota Retreat.