endota Simple Makeup Tutorial - Weekend Skin

A makeup expert tells us how to achieve 'weekend skin'

Here’s to fresh skin and sleeping in...

Weekends are for sleeping in, long walks, good coffee and slow afternoons in the sunshine. That’s why when it comes to makeup, our preference is natural, light coverage products that capture that ‘weekend skin’ feeling without too much fuss.

The endota answer is Tinted Mineral Moisturiser, a multitasking, medium-coverage blend of luminous mineral pigments and nourishing botanicals to even out and protect the skin, without concealing your beautiful, natural texture. If you happen to be going out, the Tinted Mineral Moisturiser doubles as a primer underneath your foundation, as well.

Available in six sheer shades, Tinted Mineral Moisturiser has all the benefits of a skincare product (nourishment, hydration, good-for-you ingredients) plus the luminous coverage of a skin tint. The coverage is the perfect middle ground – enough to soften uneven tone or blemishes, but not so heavy it settles or creases. Instead, the mineral pigments seamlessly blend for a natural, healthy-looking glow.

What’s great about the tinted formula is that not only does it make your skin look good, it contains so many nourishing ingredients to care for it as well. The formula is rich in sea buckthorn extract for antioxidant protection (and fun fact: sea buckthorn actually contains an impressive 12 times the vitamin C than what’s found in oranges, making it one of nature’s super defenders). There’s also cucumber to hydrate and soothe, pomegranate to protect and strengthen, plus kiwi to improve skin firmness.

The addition of non-nano zinc oxide is what gives the product a sun-protection factor of 15. Zinc oxide is a physical form of sunscreen, and an excellent choice for sensitive or breakout-prone skin types. The Tinted Mineral Moisturiser is also oxybenzone-free. (Oxybenzone is a common filter used in sunscreen, but the EWG is currently investigating the ingredient due to suspicions it might function as an endocrine disruptor. It’s currently deemed safe for use in cosmetics, but we’ve left it out regardless).

Weekend skin application tips

Here endota skin expert and education coordinator Kimberley Conboy shares her best advice for achieving that glowing weekend skin – and all in a matter of minutes.


The first most important step is choosing your shade: “When picking your colour, test and match on the side of the jawline” suggests Kimberley. This will give you a true match, and ensure it blends seamlessly beneath the jaw and into the neck.


Skin preparation is next. Kimberley suggests starting with a freshly cleansed face. The Tinted Mineral Moisturiser has hydrating properties thanks to the beautiful botanical extracts, but if you have especially dry skin, you could pop a moisturiser underneath as well. The Deep Hydration Moisturiser is a bestseller as it contains avocado, amla berry, grapeseed and certified organic rosehip oil to nourish and repair, and pairs beautifully with the Tinted Mineral Moisturiser.


Now spot the Tinted Mineral Moisturiser onto your cheeks, forehead and chin before blending it in. Kimberley loves the warmth of your fingers or a clean sponge, but a brush will also work if that’s what you prefer. Be sure to blend it gently around the eyes, and down below the jawline for an even, believable result. Less is more when it comes to weekend skin, so start small and slowly build up to your desired coverage. And while it does offer SPF 15 protection, if you’re heading outside for an extended period of time, we suggest wearing an additional dedicated sunscreen underneath, just so you’re adequately protected.


The formula is actually packed with blood orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon essential oils, so stop and take a little moment to enjoy the grounding aroma – it is the weekend, after all!

Finishing touches

You could wrap your low-key, luminous weekend skin look here, or you could add a few final touches to really tie it all together.

PERFECT: If you prefer slightly more coverage, or perhaps want to even out discolouration or a breakout, try adding in the Complete Coverage Concealer. It’s creamy and pigmented, so you only need a tiny amount. It’s also crease-proof as well thanks to the inclusion of hydrating vitamin E. Simply spot apply to areas of concern, and use your finger to melt the product into the skin.

HIGHLIGHT: The endota Spa Colour Illuminating Highlighter is creamy, golden and perfect for adding a touch of luminosity. Pat a little onto the tops of your cheekbones and across the eyes for subtle shimmer. It contains softening shea butter and antioxidant -rich Kakadu plum as well to simultaneously care for the skin.

DEFINE: Finish your natural glow with a coat of Lengthening Mineral Mascara. The soft-comb wand lifts and curls every individual lash, while the inky black formula defines and conditions, thanks to beeswax and Kakadu plum.

And there you have it: simple, quick, but wonderfully glowy weekend skin.