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Generous Gel

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Whether you’re playing with a partner or enjoying a solo session with your vibrator, this rich, transparent lubricant helps to create a stimulating, smoother sexual experience that won’t irritate your skin.

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Sex should feel fantastic for you and your partner – or just for yourself, if you’re having a solo session. This rich vaginal and anal lubricant will help whoever – or whichever toy – is sliding in do so with ease, stimulating you from the inside and making for a more sensual, sexual experience.

Not only that, the transparent lubricant is made with pharma-grade ingredients that respect the most sensitive of skin, without losing any of the velvety texture that adds to the pleasure. It’s an anti-irritant formula that’s unanimously recommended by gynaecologists. And once you add Generous Gel to your next sexual encounter, you’ll undoubtedly feel the same.

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