colon hydrotherapy

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Help to boost your energy levels, improve digestion and remove toxins with Colon Hydrotherapy.

what is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy gently introduces filtered water into the colon to cleanse your inner body, removing waste through natural peristalsis – essential for maintaining a well-functioning bowel and overall health.

benefits of colon hydrotherapy

can help to increase your energy levels

A colon that doesn'teliminate waste efficiently can encourage toxins to be reabsorbed into your bloodstream, leading to feelings of tiredness, exhaustion and sluggishness. Cleansing your colon helps it remove accumulated waste and toxins, which helps to assist your energy levels.

can help to assist in your regular digestion

Colon Hydrotherapy clears a path for improved absorption of nutrients, eliminating bad bacteria accumulating in the gut and restoring balance.

can help to improve the appearance of your complexion

Your colon is where your body does most of its waste elimination. If this process isn't working efficiently, it can show up in other ways like acne, pimples, and dull skin. Cleansing your colon supports the other organs – for example, the liver, kidneys and pancreas – that assist with waste elimination.

how does colon hydrotherapy work?

We start by gently inserting a small tube into the rectum. Temperature-controlled water is then slowly pumped into your colon, stimulating the muscles inside and helping you flush out toxins via natural peristalsis. During your treatment, your therapist gently massages your abdomen to stimulate your bowel movement further.

how does colon hydrotherapy make you feel afterwards?

It can vary from person to person. Some of our customers experience a surge of energy, feeling lighter and more energetic. Meanwhile, other customers may feel more tired than usual. 

how much does colon hydrotherapy cost?

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frequently asked questions about colon hydrotherapy

We recommend drinking around 2 litres of water daily about a week before your session. If you're hydrated, we can spend more time cleaning your colon rather than hydrating.

Avoid foods that can cause gas or congestion in the lead-up to your treatment, such as:

  • Fried foods
  • Wheat
  • Dairy products
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine

Will I feel comfortable during the treatment?

We understand that Colon Hydrotherapy can be uncomfortable for first-time customers. Our therapists will always explain everything to you and happily answer any questions you might have before proceeding. At the beginning of your session, you'll be provided with a modesty towel that ensures you remain covered throughout the session. We also use relaxation techniques and massage during the session to help our customers feel safe and comfortable.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy hygienic?

All the equipment we use for the treatment like the tubes, pads and speculum are single use and safely disposed of after each session.

How much time should I allow for a session?

You should plan to be with us for at least 1 hour, plus an extra few minutes at the beginning of your appointment to fill out necessary forms, talk through the treatment plan and get comfortable on the treatment bed.

The sessions themselves run for 30-60 minutes. We understand Colon Hydrotherapy may feel a little uncomfortable (especially if it’s your first session) – rest assured that your therapist will support you throughout the whole session to help you determine if the appointment should finish earlier than usual.

How many sessions will I need?

It varies from person to person and is largely dependent on your wellbeing goals. Before your treatment, our therapist will review the process with you and decide on the best course of action to meet your lifestyle needs. We’ll look at your current health goals and self-care rituals, working with you to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Cleansing the body through Colon Hydrotherapy can take time. While clearing out waste via Colon Hydrotherapy sounds straightforward, everyone is different and physical, emotional and mental factors come into play. Rest assured that your therapist will observe what’s working and what isn’t, and in doing so will create a wellness plan which may include a series of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions and/or recommend other treatments that can further support your wellbeing.

What happens after the Colon Hydrotherapy? How will my body react afterwards?

Since this treatment helps clear the colon of solid matter, it may take 1-2 days before it fills up again and normal bowel movements are resumed. Some water is absorbed through the colon wall during the treatment, so you may feel the need to urinate multiple times for a few hours afterwards. This is beneficial as it helps flush out the kidneys and you can enhance this process by drinking a few glasses of water.

After your treatment, a light diet of fruits, vegetables, salads, soups and chicken or fish should be followed for 2-3 days, taking care to avoid any foods that cause gas. Avoid drinks with gas, natural or added. Rich or heavy food, flour products, spices and alcohol should also be avoided.

Does taking probiotics help?

Although irrigating the colon does not remove all the intestinal bacteria, it’s still helpful to take probiotics to maintain bacterial balance. Kvass or live yoghurt with acidophilus is also advised because it’s an active cleanser that adds vitality to the colon.

What can I do after my Colon Hydrotherapy session?

Listen to your body and its needs. If you feel like some exercise, go for it! It’s also okay to take it easy and rest. Regardless, we recommend drinking plenty of water and eating lightly throughout the day to maintain overall energy. If you’re ever unsure, our therapists can provide helpful tips and advice.