the benefits of massage: enhancing your physical and emotional wellbeing

It's easy to wax lyrical about the soothing effects of a really good massage. You know the feeling; stress melts away, your thoughts fall silent, and all that’s on your mind is the rhythm of your breath and the flow of the therapist’s strokes. At its core, massage is the manipulation of the body's soft tissues in which pressure, tension, or vibration (using hands or tools) promote relaxation and relieve pain. On top of this, an endota massage combines several disciplines – from aromatherapy to crystal healing – to leave you feeling truly transformed.

The benefits of massage are vast and far-reaching. Not only can massage aid tired muscles, improve circulation and alleviate inflammation and stiffness; the practice has also been shown to reduce stress, improve your mood and promote a general sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Kimberley Conboy, endota expert and education coordinator, explains that “immediately post-massage you’ll notice slower, steady breaths which increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body as well as a drop in your heart rate, while longer-term benefits include reduced muscle pain and improved posture.” In terms of frequency, “weekly appointments are best if your goal is to relieve stress or muscle tension with remedial or deep tissue massage, or fortnightly if you’re visiting for general relaxation.”

therapist massaging woman's backtherapist massaging woman's back

achieving mindfulness through massage

Picture this: you’re in a dark, quiet space, with the delicate aromas of rose geranium, lavender and patchouli (notes of endota’s signature essential oil) filling the room. Calming music plays with the distant sounds of Tibetan bowls and babbling brooks washing over you. Crisp sheets feel cool and smooth on your bare skin. You begin feeling better before the therapist even enters the room. But why? Your awareness shifts.

As you lie on the massage table and settle into stillness, you become more aware of your breath and less aware of your thoughts, allowing them to pass you by. You’re truly engaging in the moment — otherwise known as mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of awareness that anchors you in the present, helping regulate emotions and boost body awareness. When you’re practicing mindfulness, the areas of your brain associated with emotions (particularly the insula and prefrontal cortex) become less active, causing you to become less reactive. By observing your thoughts without attachment, you're fully immersed in the present experience.

Once the treatment begins, the power of touch and gentle manipulation of your body’s tissues stimulate the release of endorphins (our body’s natural feel-good chemicals) as well as triggering the production of serotonin, another hormone, which together with dopamine and melatonin plays a role in the quality of your sleep.

the science of serenity

To better measure just how impactful massage is when treating stress of the mind in addition to stress of the muscle, we teamed up with women’s health scientist, Dr Hayley Dickinson, PhD and invited a group of women to participate in an in-spa study of our Organic Relax Massage. To access the full Organic Relax Massage Report, click here.

The results spoke for themselves; when asked to rate how they felt before and after their massage, women reported:

  • reduced perceived stress levels
  • reduced muscle tension
  • feeling more balanced and connected with themselves in mind and body
  • feeling more relaxed, regardless of their emotional state prior to the massage
woman smiling with sun shining through cloudswoman smiling with sun shining through clouds

Those that indicated they were stressed gained the most benefit – with results similar to that of a meditative state – showing the greatest shift in their self-reported mood and a decrease in heart rate by up to 10.6% during the massage. A drop in heart rate indicates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing it to rest and recover. 


To get the most from your massage, Kimberley recommends preparing by “booking a massage on a fairly relaxed day, allowing you to fully relax while on the bed, and drinking plenty of water, which is important for lubricating muscles pre-massage and helping expel toxins from the body post-massage.”

which massage therapy is right for you?

Because it’s a gentle and intuitive therapy, everyone can enjoy massage treatments – as long as you’re not contraindicated to a massage, which can be discussed further during an in-spa consultation.

Massage is also safe for mums-to-be, with Kimberley explaining that endota “Adopts the side-lying pregnancy massage technique after the first trimester. This is performed by a therapist specially-qualified in pregnancy massage as the positioning, pressure and types of movements are specific to ensure health and safety of mother and baby.”

All endota massages are powerful, multi-layered experiences, because we know that treatments are more effective when your whole being is guided into a relaxed state, but they do differ in their approach and purpose. “If I’m after a relaxing, stress-relieving treatment, I opt for the rest and restore massage which includes a back scrub and muscle balm; otherwise I love a soothing stones massage in the colder months which always leaves me feeling better realigned and warm within. Our recommendations really depend on what you’re wanting to achieve” says Kimberley.

for focused relief

Consider endota’s remedial massage as the remedy for persistent muscle stress, tension or discomfort. With pressure tailored to your liking, feel your muscles sigh with relief as the botanical aromas of endota’s essential oil blends fill the room during the deep-tissue treatment.

for ultimate rejuvenation

Look no further than endota’s organic relax massage; loved for its healing benefits where, in addition to their hands, therapists apply pressure using warm jade stones which glide seamlessly over the skin and provide a continuous flow of heat and healing. Harnessing the nurturing properties of jade, the treatment not only targets deep tension and promotes the body’s filtration processes, but will leave you feeling utterly and overwhelmingly relaxed.

for full body relaxation

Emerge from endota’s rest and restore massage feeling as light as air thanks to a combination of soothing aromas, problem-solving muscle work, detoxifying botanical blends and long, calming strokes.

for blissful rebalancing

If tight knots and sore muscles are your bugbear, book in for endota’s soothing stones massage where warm Shiatsu stones are used to ease tension and encourage circulation throughout the body, while a hands-on massage brings relief to achey limbs. Your facial and scalp muscles are also tended to as part of the 80-minute treatment, which is designed to soothe the body from head to toe.

for something more specific

endota’s hour-long customised massage works on a mental and physical level combining a soothing soundtrack and targeted muscle work, which uses light-to-medium pressure to alleviate stress and tension in the body wherever you need it most. Personalised to your needs, you’ll be left feeling at peace for weeks.

Given the profound effects on our mind, body and nervous system, massage is a powerful tool to support our emotional, mental and physical health and can have a measurable impact on our emotions and the physical manifestations of stress. Better still, an endota massage is designed to nurture both the body and spirit and will have you completely blissed-out by the treatment’s end.


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