fuelling up for festivities: self-care tips to reduce festive fatigue all season long

The holiday season is a time of celebration, togetherness and giving. With a calendar filled with end-of-year parties and family festivities, we can get caught up in the joy of giving back to others. When amidst the excitement of social commitments and (not so exciting) to-do lists, we sometimes put ourselves and our needs on the back burner. But the act of giving must begin with ourselves before extending to others – as the saying goes, you can't pour from an empty cup.  

While it's not uncommon for routines to fall by the wayside during periods of busyness, self-care and practising good habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle should still be a priority. That's why we've compiled an endota-approved guide to finding balance during the festive season, allowing you to soak up every joyous moment with loved ones.

tips to sustain your sparkle

tap into playfulness

It sounds simple but enjoy the fun the holiday season brings. Whether it's watching nostalgic films (Love Actually, anyone?) or savouring the daily surprise of an advent calendar, prioritise moments of play and light-heartedness to counterbalance the stress and demands of the season.

acknowledge your feelings

It's common to experience mixed emotions during the holidays. While some may be blissful, the year's end can also bring about feelings of sadness, stress or grief. Allow yourself to sit with these emotions as an act of self-care. Reflective journaling can help navigate and ease these emotions, bringing clarity and contentment – even inner peace at times.

plan your spending

As the famous saying goes, "luck favours the prepared". When gift-giving and the joy of shopping for others is in full swing, we sometimes forget its impact on our wallets. Using a financial planner will help break down costs during the festive season, alleviating stress by providing clear transparency into where every penny is spent. 

release expectations

One of the best forms of holiday self-care is letting go of expectations and pressure. Often, we create fixed ideas and standards for ourselves that don't align with reality: the perfect tree, decorations, tablescape or festive lunch. Through meditation, we learn to observe and accept the present moment without seeking complete control over outcomes. Embrace the uncertainty to let go of ideals and expectations that can lead to unnecessary stress and frustration. 

carve out moments of quiet 

Find short periods of time to sit quietly. Whether it's a few minutes or half an hour, taking a break and focusing on your breath can significantly impact your wellbeing. Try a gentle yoga flow incorporating breathwork to anchor you to the present and bring a sense of calmness and ease.

make time for you

Self-care isn't limited to the mind; it also encompasses physical wellbeing. Consider a restorative massage or nourishing facial treatment in-spa to help revive your spirit and replenish your energy levels. Remember, the season isn't just about checking off a holiday to-do list. Remember to pause, recharge, and find moments of respite amidst the holiday frenzy so you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

This holiday season, let's prioritise self-care, knowing that it's beneficial for us and those we love. For more ideas on how to make better wellbeing a priority year-round, see our blog.

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