How crystals can improve your skincare regime

Have you gotten into the crystal facial roller trend? It’s been a hard one to miss. But what’s it all about? We’re giving you the low down on what it is, how it works and the potential benefits.

What is a crystal facial roller?

A crystal facial roller is a beauty tool that has two polished crystals attached to either end, designed to roll easily over the surface of your face. The longer oval shaped stone at one end is designed for the flatter parts of your face like cheeks, forehead and chin and the smaller rounder stone at the other end for the nose and under the eyes. They come with a range of crystal options like jade, rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst.

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While crystal rollers in their current form have gained mass popularity in the last few years, there’s evidence that flat jade stones were used on the skin in China as far back as the 7th century. The traditional practice is still used in Gua sha treatments, where the skin is gently scraped using specially shaped crystals to promote oxygenation and regeneration.

How do they work?

By rolling the crystal tool over your face, you’re giving your face a lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to gently drain fluid from skin and muscle tissue; and to help stimulate oxygen flow to the skin. This is said to activate a more youthful appearance and enhance a healthy glow. Best used with an oil or serum, they can help the product penetrate more deeply.

What are the benefits?

By gently passing the facial roller over pressure points and rolling in an upwards motion, you’re helping to stimulate collagen and elastin production and release lymphatic blockages to help boost the skin’s natural detoxification process. This works to purify, while improving circulation and skin tone to promote a calmer, more serene and balanced complexion. It can reduce puffiness in the face and dark circles under the eyes, while also improving blood circulation and skin tone.

endota spa Jade Roller Usage Diagram

endota's signature rolling technique

At endota we incorporate crystal facial rolling into a selection of in-spa treatments, but you can bring this ritual home with our Jade Roller. Jade is well known for its healing and calming properties and has a cooling, soothing effect on the skin that can enhance your beauty ritual. You can refrigerate your Jade roller for a couple of hours before use for even more cooling properties.

Try endota’s signature rolling technique with a nourishing serum as a part of your morning or evening skincare routine. Follow the ritual pictured by starting on the neck area and working upwards and outwards, rolling gently using the longer side for each cheek and the forehead. Switch to the smaller, rounder side for the nose, under the eyes and eyebrows. The process of facial rolling may also increase chi by removing blockages between meridian points, and it’s a great opportunity for self-care and relaxation.

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The Ritual: Reducing Puffiness with the Jade Roller


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