The vibrational mechanics of manifestation

Manifestation is a spiritual tool that you can use to create what you want to experience and possess in your life. As well as simpler things like new clothes or a carpark at a shopping centre, manifesting can help attract monumental changes into your life such as a promotion or a new relationship.

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and particles that vibrate at certain frequencies. You have your own energy and frequency that you emit. The universe is neutral, it reads the energy and frequency that you are emitting and gives you experiences that reflect that. Your frequency and energy is like a magnet that is attracting everything to you that is in your life, good and bad.

Our energy is dictated by what we focus on, what we think about and what we feel. It is something that we can change at any time. You might have heard “what we focus on grows” or “your vibe attracts your tribe” and there’s truth to these sayings. It’s all about understanding your own energy and how to raise your vibration and frequency to reflect what you want in your life.

Your energy field is like a magnet attracting you to what it is that you are thinking about and feeling the most at any given point in time. However, the problem here is that most of us are not very present and conscious of what it is we are thinking about and feeling.

Manifestation for beginners: Understanding the basic principles

When it comes to manifesting, it’s important to learn how your emotions affect your energy and frequency. So the very first (and most powerful) thing you can do to raise your frequency is to start to pay attention to your thoughts, which is often easier said than done, and can be very difficult to do at the beginning.

Another important step to manifesting is to get very specific about what it is that you want. Learn how to feel as though you already have it, and visualise it with you (or imagine experiencing it) now. If you’re focusing on the fact that you don’t have it in your life, you will keep experiencing situations that reinforce whatever it is you’re lacking.

Once you are clear about what you want, start thinking about how you can be of service to others once you have “it”. Ask yourself: what is it that I can offer the world as an energy balance? Who can I help? Perhaps, if you want to live near a beach, you can help by cleaning up the beach of rubbish. Or, if you are manifesting a new kitchen, you can service others by cooking bigger meals for your extended family and friends once you have manifested it into reality.

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Learning to meditate and be present is a very important skill, teaching us to focus on the space of present reality. The best way to manifest what you want is to feel the outcome of the experience or object that you desired into your meditation experience.

If you want a new house, feel what it would be like to live in that house, feel how happy you would be to be there, imagine how you would make it beautiful and make it yours. Start to create things around you like a Pinterest board that collects images that relate to your new house. Spend time every day focusing on what it would feel like to be living, experiencing and using what it is that you are trying to manifest.

The best place to start manifesting is with things that are small and you don’t have much resistance to, things that you believe could be possible for you, like getting the perfect car park or finding a perfect gift for a friend.

The power of positive thought

The next amazing tool in your kit is gratitude! Once you start to pay attention to all the things you are grateful for, you train your brain to be able to focus on what you do have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. This raises your vibration and makes you more receptive to what it is you’re manifesting.

Another helpful practice you can use in your manifestation journey are affirmations. They are sets of words that you can use to help with your manifesting process. It’s important when you’re writing your affirmation that you frame it in the present tense. For example, if you’re trying to manifest a new job, the affirmation would be; ‘I am so happy and grateful that I have the most wonderful and supportive job’. It’s important to use positive words that represent as if you already have the experience in your life now.

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Start where you are and remember these tips:

  • Get rid of what is no longer serving you (anything that is old and energetically weighing you down).

  • Be specific about what it is that you want. Be grateful for what you already have.

  • Raise your vibration with anything that makes you feel good.

  • Imagine what it would feel like to experience what you want as though you already have it.

  • Create a Pinterest board of all the things you would like to receive.

  • Be of service, think about all the things you will do and who you will help now that you have what you want.

  • Learn to meditate and focus on source energy.

  • Practice affirmations that resonate with you and speak your manifestations into existence.

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Kate Williams

Words by Kate Williams, endota Retreat guide and psychic channel.

Since I was a young child, I’ve been able to see and feel spirit and their energies.
Throughout my career as a psychic channel, I have been taught the process of manifestation and its creative power.
In fact my whole career has been built through the use of these manifestation tools.

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