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Sound Healing

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Good vibes: discovering the healing power of sound

There are many ways to expand self-care, one of our favourite practices among the mix is sound healing.

What is sound healing

Sound healing has been used for centuries to elevate physical and emotional wellbeing, by using positive vibrations to help the body return to a stable state - called homeostasis.

“Sound Healing is an ever-expansive and powerful therapy that utilises the organic world of sound and vibration to return the body to homeostasis,” says Seriya Cutbush, Co-Founder of Sound Healing Australia. “A fusion of multi-faceted instruments, meditation and breathwork, Sound Healing starts at a physical/auditory level and settles into the molecular structure of the body - replenishing the emotional, mental and energetic aspects of self.”

The practice is based on the idea that our minds and bodies operate at certain vibrations. And when these vibrations are not in harmony, we can experience an array of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Sound healing has the ability to manipulate these vibrations.

Seriya Cutbush

Seriya Cutbush, Co-Founder of Sound Healing Australia

“There has been a lot of scientific research linking sound healing with profound shifts in the cellular structure of our being. It has the capacity to find the places in the body that are vibrating at a different level –and sound can pinpoint and break up these disharmonies. Bringing healing to the core of the original imbalance.”

In essence, sound healing can re-tune your body and mind –restoring balance and grounding you. Seriya likens this to a sonic sound bath where waves of energy and vibrations allow a deeper state of mindfulness and self-awareness. Ultimately training our being to reflect our core nature.

“Sound Healing frequencies travel to the areas in your physical, emotional and mental body that are vibrating at a lower place. They break up any blockages, and shift those frequencies. You are guided into stillness, which helps you come back to your highest truth. When you connect to your true self, you feel better about approaching any aspect of your life,” says Seriya.

The power of sound

Sound healing can bring a multitude of benefits, including physical, mental and emotional. From reducing stress and anxiety, and regulating blood pressure, to helping overcome physical pain and depression, building confidence and allowing spiritual healing.

“When you’re in deep meditation, everything can be restored. It’s the most nourishing state we can guide ourselves into,” Seriya says. “Sound healing allows you to transcend your cognitive thoughts and conditional patterns, providing a glimpse of authentic self-reflection.”

Tuning into your vibrations

Depending on what is happening in your life, your body can be acting at a higher or lower frequency. Seriya says the key is to be aware of what’s happening before going down the spiral of the ‘lower vibrational patterns.’

“For example,” she says, “eating 'denser vibration’ foods and not exercising can actually affect the vibration of our thoughts. We can start to feel less connected to our true selves and judgements arise which in turn affects our physical and emotional state.”

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and it just doesn’t feel like a positive space? You’re picking up on other people’s vibes, or the vibrational frequency of what the other people are putting out there.

Matty Rainbow, endota Retreat Meditation Guide

Matty Rainbow, endota Retreat Mediation Guide

“Your ‘field’ sensitively knows it's not a healthy place to be. The most important aspect is then listening to that feeling. This is how we then begin to live in a ‘higher frequency’.”

Living at a higher frequency starts with being aware, but there are other ways we can maintain it. “Eat healthy food, meditate, practice yoga, be in nature, witness the mind chatter, judgements and stories and guide your awareness back to presence. Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. Journal and write your feelings, do not suppress them as this will build up and block your frequency. Find gratitude in your daily practice, and participate in sound healing sessions as often as possible,” advises Seriya.

Reaping the benefits of sound

Some people can feel the benefits of sound healing practice instantly, while for others it may take a little longer. But the more regularly you experience sound the more balanced your body, mind and spirit will become.

The length and frequency of sessions depend on what you’d like to achieve through sound healing –whether your intentions are emotional, physical or mental. It’s best to consult a sound healing therapist for recommendations.

There are a few simple ways to get started with the practice.

  1. Register for endota Retreat and enjoy our complimentary Sound Healing sessions.
  2. Incorporate chanting into your meditation.
  3. Listen to Sound Healing Australia’s videos to balance your body, mind and heart.

“Sound healing is about being aware of what sounds have what effect on you. The more sensitive we become to sound, the more we realise that we are exposed to a lot of technological and electrical ‘buzzing’ stimulating our nervous system. Just being in nature can bring calmness and peace to the body.”

You can find out more about Seriya Cutbush and Sound Healing at www.soundhealingaustralia.com or follow her on Instagram via @soundhealingaustralia

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