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Advanced Hydration Cream

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Clinically proven to boost your skin’s hydration for up to 72 hours, this fast-absorbing intensive moisturiser is a must-have for younger-looking skin – for longer.


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You can accomplish quite a lot in 72 hours. And while you’re out there in the world making it happen, our Advanced Hydration Cream is working just as hard to keep your skin hydrated and more radiant – while smoothing out the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The secret to that staying power is a dynamic duo of Hydroviton® Plus 2290 and Hydroviton® Plus. Together, they’re clinically proven to increase your skin’s hydration by 17% for up to 48 hours – and a further 10% for up to 72 hours. And that’s just after one application. Imagine what’s possible when you make it part of your regular ritual?

How to use

the ritual

Once you’ve cleansed and toned, apply a small amount (around the size of a pea) to your face, neck and décolletage.

where it fits

As one of the final steps in your daily skincare ritual.