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endota Headband

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Bring an accessory from the endota Spa experience into your home skincare ritual, with this super-comfortable, microfibre headband. Perfect for keeping your hair up and your face cleared for care.


Even the smaller touches can help to bring the endota Spa experience home. Like our stylish microfibre headband, which we use to help tuck away hair when we’re treating your skin.

Now, you can accessorise your at-home skincare ritual with the same thoughtful touch. Wrap it around your head and secure in place, so your face is clear from your hair as you cleanse, apply masks or complete your skincare ritual. You’ll feel like a pro – and your bathroom will feel more like your favourite endota Spa. It’s machine-washable too, so keeping your headband as clean as your face is a breeze.

How to use

The Ritual

Wrap around your head and secure in place with velcro, keeping your hair away from your face.

Where it Fits

Before beginning your daily skincare ritual, or when it’s time to treat yourself to a nourishing face mask.