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Signature Doggie Duo

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Keep your dog’s coat fresh, soft and tangle-free, with this nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Formulated to be gentle on dogs with sensitive skin, it’s the perfect pair for pups who love to get out and play in the great outdoors.


Dogs are full of energy and enthusiasm for their world – and they’ll often end up with the dirty coat and skin to prove it. If it’s time to give your canine companion a wash, this gentle and nourishing shampoo and conditioner duo are on-hand to provide a premium clean. 

Incorporating organic, plant-derived ingredients, both shampoo and conditioner have been carefully-formulated and extensively-tested – so you can be certain that any of the essential oils used in the Doggie Duo have been approved for use in canine products. 

The shampoo calls upon natural ingredients like aloe vera, hemp seed oil and Kakadu plum extract to gently clean and nourish your dog’s skin and coat. It helps to soothe sensitive skin, moisturise dry areas and ultimately contribute to your dog’s overall skin and coat health when used regularly. The conditioner uses similar ingredients to provide optimal care for your canine’s coat – leaving it soft, shiny and full of healthy lustre. 

Both products in the Doggie Duo are infused with endota’s signature blend of essential oils – so you’ll be bringing the spa experience to your pup’s bath time. They’ll be beautifully-scented – and feel as nourished as they deserve to. 

How to use

the ritual

Using the shampoo: Apply enough pumps to create a lather, then wash it over your dog’s whole body, avoiding their eye area. Rinse well – especially if any product gets in their eyes. Dry ears carefully after washing and repeat for extra-dirty coats.

Using the conditioner: Pump a small amount onto your hands and spread over your dog's wet fur, being careful around the eye area. Comb or massage through, then rinse well with water – especially if any product enters their eyes. Dry ears carefully after washing.

where it fits

Any time your companion needs a wash to keep their skin and coat looking and feeling clean, fresh and fragrant.