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The Aspen

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Some destinations take your breath away when you reach them. Aspen is one of them – making it the ideal namesake for this G-spot vibrator from Vacation Vibes. Reach new heights of sexual wellness and self-expression.

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Aspen is world-renowned for being a playground of pleasure in all its finest forms. A place where nature is at its most pristine and powerful. Where you can get lost on snow-capped trails and feel energised as you escape the everyday.

This perfectly-sized, crisp-peaked G-spot vibrator from Vacation Vibes is here to help you take your sexual pleasure, self-expression and overall wellbeing to exciting new heights.

With ten different intensity settings, you’ll be able to explore intimacy in a way that leaves you feeling sexually fulfilled and personally empowered. The Aspen’s battery lasts for up to an hour – and it’s made with waterproof, body-safe silicone as well.

the ritual

Make sure your The Aspen vibrator is charged, so that it’s ready whenever you’re making time for sexual wellness and pleasure. Once you’ve finished, clean your device with soap and water and connect it to the USB charger once it’s dry.