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The Tulum

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Tulum has the power to reconnect your body and soul to natural beauty. The Tulum, an oral simulating vibrator from Vacation Vibes, has the power to reconnect your body and soul to its sense of self, pleasure and sexual wellness.


With the lush backdrop of the tropical rainforest coming to meet the pristine beaches, Tulum is an idyllic paradise that can ground and connect you to nature, to others, and to yourself. This all-over external oral simulating vibrator brings that sense of centredness to you – so that experience all the sensuality of a soul-changing vacation, wherever in the world you might be.

With ten different intensity settings, you’ll be able to explore intimacy in a way that leaves you feeling sexually fulfilled and personally empowered. The Tulum’s battery lasts for up to an hour – and it’s made with waterproof, body-safe silicone as well. Sit back and let The Tulum work its wonders. You’ll feel entirely renewed.

the ritual

Make sure your The Tulum vibrator is charged, so that it’s ready whenever you’re making time for sexual wellness and pleasure. Once you’ve finished, clean your device with soap and water and connect it to the USB charger once it’s dry.